Omega Strikers: Best Builds for Asher

Check out a build sure to show all why Asher is called The Unbreakable Wall!

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Omega Strikers gives players the ability to take a wide array of characters to the arena, each capable of excelling in multiple positions. With that said, among the players available, Asher can be considered one of the best, thanks to her ability to excel as both a goalie and a forward. But how should you build Asher? Now, in order to answer that and more, here are the best builds for Forward and Goalie Asher in Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers: The Best Build for Forward Asher

As Asher’s biggest strengths as a forward lie in both her set’s ability to work extremely well in sequence and in her ability to literally push opponents into their own goal by using her Special, ”Pathsplitter”, we recommend that you make use of Creator of Large Things and Unstoppable. The two Trainings are our main picks as the former will increase your Special’s size and damage (after landing a hit) while the latter will increase your mobility by a good amount.

In the final slot, our main recommendation will be the use of either Perfect Form or Creator of Durable Things. Perfect Form will allow you to decrease your abilities CD by scoring hits. Creator of Durable Things, on the other hand, will allow your creations to stay in the field for an extended amount of time.

To recap, here are the best trainings for Foward Asher:

  • Creator of Large Things + Unstoppable + Perfect Form / Creator of Durable Things

How to Build Asher as a Goalie | The Best Asher Goalie Build

Asher is considered one of the best goalies in Omega Strikers thanks to her kit’s ability to allow you to both defend efficiently and push enemies back. With that said, this build will be focused on once again empowering her Special, all while giving you a good amount of mobility. For that, we recommend the use of Built Differently, for the increase in area of effect and Unstoppable, for mobility. Using Creator of Large Things instead of Built Differently can also work great.

In the third slot, our main pick will be Extra Special, for the 15% decrease in her special’s cooldown. Using Crossover can also work great if you prefer to prioritize mobility over cooldown reduction.

To recap, here are the best trainings for Goalie Asher:

  • Built Differently / Creator of Large Things + Unstoppable + Extra Special / Crossover 

You can currently play Omega Strikers exclusively on PC, via Steam.

- This article was updated on October 1st, 2022

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