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Oninaki: How To Switch Between Living World and The Veil

Hordes of enemies are waiting in the shadows.

by Dean James


Oninaki not only features the main world that you explore throughout the game, but also a parallel world known as the Veil, which is essentially like the spirit realm. This plays a major role with how you must help lost souls crossover so that they can reincarnate, so it’s important to know just how to do it. This guide will explain how you can cross between the Living World and the Veil in the game.

How To Switch Between Living World and the Veil in Oninaki

One of the key mechanics in Oninaki is going back and forth between the Living World and the Veil, with you needing to know how to do this very early in the game. If you ever see a soul that you can’t interact with in the real world, crossing over to the Veil will be your answer as to how to talk to them among other uses.

To crossover to the Veil, simply press ZL on the Nintendo Switch when you are in an area that you can do so. Outside of a few areas later in the game, you should be able to do this at almost anytime and anywhere. By pressing this button, a wave will come over the screen starting from the middle and move you to the Veil.

The Veil is much darker than the regular world and comes with more enemies for you to fight throughout. If you take out enemies in the Living World, you can crossover to the Veil and face another group of enemies separate from the Living World.

When you are done in the Veil, you can press ZL to switch right back to the Living World as well. Sometimes you are required to do this to advance in the game, as there are black foggy areas that you cannot advance past without going back to the Living World and unlocking more of the Veil for you to access.

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