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Outriders Demo – How to download

Outriders Demo can be downloaded in any available platform, at the time of release.

by Victor Vellas


Outriders Demo releases today, and people around the globe are excited and eagerly waiting to jump into its crazy world. This new sci-fi shooter is Square Enix’s new IP, bringing to the table an exciting new story and ‘looter-fest’ mechanics. As in you kill, you loot, repeat. A looter-shooter at its core, everyone hopes that Outrides can be a new craze than can match others of its kind, namely Destiny 2, the Borderlands franchise and The Division 2. With today’s release, we will get a glimpse of how the game runs, plays, and feels, so we are a step closer to see if the statement above can be true.

How to download Outriders Demo

To begin, the Demo will be available to any console that is going to be released on. That would be PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC through Steam (sorry Switch lads). Its full size is looking to be around 22GB for consoles and 24GB for the PC. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to pre-load the game, so everyone needs to start downloading it right when the Demo is actually released digitally.

For consoles, you need to go to the corresponding e-shop, that being the Microsoft Store, or PS Store. If the Demo is not visible right away, use the ‘Search’ bar to look for it, by typing ‘Outriders’, or ‘Outriders Demo’, depending on how the team will label it. Select it and simply click ‘Download’.

For the PC, you just need to follow the same exact process, but through the Steam platform. Make sure to search it up if it doesn’t appear at your home page.

The Outriders Demo will be permanently available to the store, so if you are not able to play it right away, there is nothing to worry about. It will be there at any given time, so there is no reason to rush.

Outriders is set to officially release on April 1, for every available platform except the Nintendo Switch.


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