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Outriders: What is the Max Level Cap and Highest World Tier?

What's the max level in Outriders?

by Diego Perez


Reaching the level cap is an important milestone in Outriders, and it’s actually a lot lower than most players are expecting. In an RPG like Outriders, hitting the max level means you have access to all of your abilities and can start farming for the best gear, so tons of people are blasting through the story and grinding side quests in an attempt to power level as fast as possible. However, there are ways to get gear that’s well above the level cap if you’re up for a challenge. Here’s the max level cap and highest World Tier in Outriders.

What is the Outriders Level Cap?

The maximum level in Outriders is 30. However, enemies in Outriders can reach much higher levels due to the game’s World Tier and Challenge Tier system, which increases enemy strength in exchange for better loot and higher level rewards. While there’s currently no way for players to attain a level higher than 30 (at least until DLC comes around), enemies and gear can reach a maximum level of 50.


What is the Highest World Tier?

The highest World Tier in Outriders is 15. If you’re doing endgame Expeditions, then the highest Challenge Tier is 15 as well. The higher your World Tier or Challenge Tier, the more powerful enemies will become. Increasing the World Tier or Challenge Tier actually raises the level of enemies, and this can go past the level cap of 30. At World Tier 15 on standard missions, enemies and gear can drop at level 42. However, the maximum enemy and item level is 50 if you’re playing on Challenge Tier 15 on an Expedition.

So to recap, the maximum level your character can reach is 30, but you can get items and face enemies up to level 50 if you raise the difficulty high enough. Updates and DLC could potentially raise the maximum level cap in the future, though, so a new expansion could open up new challenges and bring new skills to unlock.

Outriders is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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