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Outriders – Which Class Should You Choose?

Choose Your Path

by Joshua Garibay


Outriders presents a permanent choice following the prologue, forcing the player to choose their path. The available paths come in four flavors: Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Devastator. Do not take this decision lightly, as it cannot be changed once set (unlike your appearance).

The selection screen gives a basic overview of the classes’ playstyle strengths, but the truth is there are multiple build routes for each. For example, the Pyromancer can be outfitted as a tank, whereas the Devastator can be specced as DPS. To assist in this critical choice, we will give a deeper rundown of the classes available so that you can confidently select a class without any unwanted surprises.

Which Class Should You Choose?

As shown above, there are four classes from which to choose and they can be upgraded in different ways to adhere to specific playstyles. Regardless of the class chosen, Outriders is a game that thrives on aggressive play. Health is restored through kills instead of sitting behind cover, unmoving, waiting on the regen to kick in. The class choice primarily focuses on the elemental type and ideal engagement distance tied into the offensive gameplay loop. With that in mind, let’s review the classes.


Appeals to: Tanks

The Devastator is where most tanks will gravitate. Players comfortable standing within spitting distance of their foes, pushing the frontline forward, will feel at home here. The Devastator stands its ground and embeds itself within arm’s length of its target. That’s made relatively easy thanks to a class trait which affords 25% max health, a 30% armor bonus, and 24% health recovery for each enemy killed at close range.

Their close quarters prowess is amplified by their affinity for earth-based powers. The Devastator can bend the earth to its will, impaling enemies and creating stone armor. It doesn’t take much for this class to plow through hostiles like an unstoppable boulder.

The class can be further augmented through its sublcasses: Vanquisher, Warden, and Seismic Shifter. Each one modifies the class by giving it more focus. Vanquisher amplifies weapon damage; Warden reinforces health and resistance; and Seismic Shifter bolsters those earth abilities. Players aren’t locked into a single subclass. So dip into each, if you wish, or specialize in a particular field.


Appeals to: Rogues

The Trickster shares some common DNA with the Devastator in the sense that it, too, enjoys being on the frontlines. The difference is that the Trickster isn’t a bullet sponge like its tanky brother. The name of the game here is hit-and-run. The Trickster gets up close and personal, but it gets out of the way quickly. This is what makes the Trickster a high maneuverability class. The linked class trait offers up 15% damage mitigation when shields are active as well as 20% health/12% shield regen for close range kills.

As if the Trickster wasn’t already speedy enough as is, the class powers revolve around space and time. Using these abilities, such as Temporal Slice and Slow Trap, will temporarily reduce affected enemy movement to a crawl. Needless to say, anyone hit by this type of slowdown will make for easy targets. A Trickster-Devastator group combo would certainly shred through adversaries with ease.

The Trickster subclasses are Master of Space, Harbinger, and Assassin. Master of Space is the standard DPS route, packing damage boosts for assault weapons and shotguns, specifically. Harbinger helps with turning the Trickster into a more resilient guerilla fighter. Lastly, the Assassin amplifies the space and time powers to bring enemy combatants to their knees.


Appeals to: Mages

The Pyromancer sits comfortably between the other classes, as the only listed “medium range” class. This option beautifully marries medium-to-long range firefights with a conjurer twist. The class traits endows the Pyromancer with 15% max health, 10% ability power, and 24% healing for each marked enemy kill.

The conjuring nature of the class is all about fire. Burn the baddies to a crisp with an array of flame-based abilities. Fire can be blasted out across the ground in front of the player or imbued into the equipped weapon’s ammunition. Either way, whatever is on the receiving end is sure to be in searing hot pain.

Ruler of Ashes, Scorcher, and Tempest round out the available subclasses. Ruler of Ashes bumps up those damage numbers by reducing enemy armor effectiveness while also opening up boosts in the assault, sniper, and sidearm weapon categories. Scorcher brings the heat by fanning the flames of those fire-based abilities. Tempest hands out durability bonuses as well as an invaluable self-revive for those higher difficulty runs.


Appeals to: Support/Snipers

The Technomancer may allow for lone wolves to dish out damage on solo runs, but they carry numerous support options for team play. Thanks to the strongest healing capabilities across the four classes, the Technomancer can sustain itself and the team through the most trying encounters. The class trait imbues the player with 7.5% long range weapon damage, 15% skill life leech, and 15% weapon life leech.

The Technomancer has access to toxic abilities and gadgets, creating deadly combinations between the two. Conjurable miniguns and rocket launchers sit alongside toxic turrets and imbued bullets. Enemies will be getting hit from all angles, but the Technomancer won’t be doling it out up close. This support class best serves bullets from afar. Technomancers can acquire the strongest sniper rifle buff available in-game, granting an imposing 40% damage increase for the long range weapon type. That’s 20% higher than the Pyromancer, the second closest option for sniper proficiency.

The subclasses present are: Pestilence, Tech Shaman, and Demolisher. Pestilence houses the aforementioned 40% sniper buff, making it the way to go for long range shooters. Tech Shaman reinforces gadgets for added sources of damage dealing on the field. Demolisher somewhat rebuilds the class into a close range spec, rolling in resistances and melee improvements.

Now that you know how each class can be developed, drop onto Enoch and face off against foreign foes using your chosen focus.

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