Overwatch 2: All Lifeweaver Abilities Explained (Stats, Damage, Healing, and More)

Get to grips with Lifeweaver's weapons and abilities.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Hailing from Thailand is Overwatch 2‘s newest Support hero, Lifeweaver. Focused primarily on movement, Lifeweaver has a kit dedicated to improving his allies’ positioning, including the ability to pull teammates toward him and summon elevating pads to reach higher ground. He’s also remarkably pretty, which is important.

This guide contains details on Lifeweaver’s Abilities, Weapons, Ultimate, and Passives. You can learn more about Overwatch 2’s most recent addition, including his origin story, by checking out our article: ‘Overwatch 2’s “Sci-Fi Druid” Lifeweaver Represents Diversity in More Ways Than One.’

All Lifeweaver Weapons, Abilities, and Passives in Overwatch 2


Lifeweaver Weapons

Like Mercy or Torbjorn, Lifeweaver can freely switch between two primaries: Healing Blossom and Thorn Volley.

Healing Blossom (Primary 1)

  • Healing-Blossom-Overwatch-2
  • Lifeweaver-Healing-Overwatch-2

Type: Projectile
Healing: 10-65
Max Range: 30 meters
Ammo: 12
Reload Speed: 1.75 seconds
Move Speed: -25%

Holding down your primary fire will charge Lifeweaver’s Healing Blossom up to a maximum of 65. Releasing primary fire will send a healing burst toward the targeted ally, increasing the amount healed with the time charged.

Healing Blossom has 12 ammo, and charging does not affect how much ammo is consumed. It can be charged and held anytime and isn’t interrupted when using Rejuvenating Dash or Life Grip. You cannot heal an enemy through a shield, but you can still target allies.

Thorn Volley (Primary 2)


Type: Projectile
Damage: 5 per bullet (2 bullets per click)
Ammo: 60
Reload time: 1.5 seconds
Switching to Thorn Volley allows Lifeweaver to rapidly shoot an array of projectiles from his right hand. Like Healing Blossom, you can use Rejuvenating Dash or Life Grip simultaneously.

Lifeweaver Abilities and Ultimate

Rejuvenating Dash (E)


Using Rejuvenating Dash will launch Lifeweaver in his current direction and heal him for 25 health. Rejuvenating Dash has a five-second cooldown and a max range of 6.15 meters.

Life Grip (Shift)

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Blizzard Entertainment

Life Grip will pull an enemy toward Lifeweaver and protect them from stuns and damage during their brief journey. Think of it as a friendly Roadhog hook, just pinker and more floral.

Life Grip has a twenty-second cooldown and a max range of 30 meters. It can pull enemies out of Graviton Surge and Gravitic Flux. it doesn’t interrupt channeled abilities but does disable movement abilities. The player targeted by Life Grip is pulled toward the direction in which the ability was used rather than Lifeweaver’s current location.

Petal Platform (Secondary)


Lifeweaver can summon a Petal Platform that ascends into the air when stepped on by anyone, including enemies. This is useful for reaching higher ground and even interrupting Orisa’s Ultimate as a treat.

Petal Platform has a twelve-second cooldown, 400 health, and can be destroyed instantly by Lifeweaver.
It also blocks line of sight, can be hacked, and even lift players out of Graviton Surge.

Tree of Life (Ultimate)


Lifeweaver’s Ultimate allows him to place down a large Tree of Life that actively heals allies within 12 meters for 50 health per pulse, with 8 total pulses during its 15-second duration. It also instantly heals all teammates nearby for 150 health when activated. It can also be used to block line of site.

Lifeweaver Passive Abilities

Parting Gift

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Blizzard Entertainment

Upon death, Lifeweaver drops a Parting Gift on the ground for 20 seconds that heals the first player to pick it up, whether ally or enemy. Allies will gain 250 health, while enemies receive 75.

Role: Support

Like all Support heroes, Lifeweaver heals 15 HP per second after not receiving damage for 1.5 seconds.

By utilizing Lifeweaver’s abilities in Quick Play and Competitive, you can earn his Cute and Pixel spray to show off your prowess. We also have a guide on how to master Lifeweaver’s extensive kit and bring your team to victory — in style.

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