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Overwatch Anniversary 2021: How to Get Wrecking Ball’s 8 Ball Skin

The hamster has a tux!

by Noah Hoff


Happy birthday Overwatch! Overwatch turns five this year and the Anniversary Event returns again to celebrate. With this comes new highlight intros, victory poses, voice lines, and, of course, skins! There are countless new skins available to players this anniversary and one of the best is Wrecking Ball’s 8 Ball skin, which dons Hammond, the small spunky hamster, in a tuxedo and his mech in a wood and black pool themed getup. Although not obtained traditionally through a loot box, soon you will be able to use this skin in all its glory . Here’s how to get Wrecking Ball’s 8 Ball skin in the Overwatch Anniversary 2021.

How to Get Wrecking Ball’s 8 Ball Skin in Overwatch Anniversary 2021

Wrecking Ball’s 8 Ball Skin is unlocked by completing the weekly challenge between June 1st and June 8th. The challenge has three rewards and is accomplished by simply completing games. By finishing 9 games you receive the 8 ball player icon, by completing 18 you get the corner pocket spray (a cute spray of hammond trying his best to push his giant 8 ball mech with a cue stick), and, finally, by playing 27 games you unlock the adorably dapper 8 ball skin for Wrecking Ball! You get these rewards by playing games in Quick Play, Competitive, and the Arcade, and wins even count as two games. Obtaining this skin is similar to getting Echo’s bird of paradise skin: the week 2 skin reward for this event.

Similar weekly challenges have existed in past events, such as for Brigitte’s Stone skin from the last Halloween Event or the Frosty Roadhog skin from the Winter Wonderland event, but unlike in those events with this weekly challenge you get rewarded whether or not you win!

Nonetheless, enjoy those games in your pursuit of that new Wrecking Ball skin! Overwatch is available now for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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