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Overwatch – Every New Item in Year of the Ox Event

Bull Demon Orisa is the Skin you never knew you wanted.

by Victor Vellas


Year of the Ox in Overwatch brought a good amount of new and unique Skins for eight characters of the roster, alongside a numerous new intros as well. While the old Skins do make a comeback each time Lunar New Year kicks in, players will for sure hunt for these fresh goodies. Many of them were showcased in their newest YouTube video, where you can take a glimpse as to how they look animated. Really interesting ideas this year, and lots of cool ones for our collections. I’m looking at you Tiger Huntress Ashe and Bull Demon Orisa.

The new intros are what you would expect from a Lunar New Year event. Explosives, fireworks, fancy particle effects and in general, eye catchy animations. Let’s take a look at all them, below.

New Skins

  • Orisa – BullDemon (Legendary)
  • Bastion – Dragonfire (Legendary)
  • Echo – KKachi (Legendary)
  • Widowmaker – Pale Serpent (Legendary)
  • Ashe – Tiger Huntress (Legendary)
  • Reaper – Imperial Guard (Epic)
  • Baptiste – Terracotta Medic (Epic)
  • McCree – Xiake (Epic)

New Intros

  • Echo – Fan Dance
  • D. Va – Finale
  • Symmetra – Shining Bull

No new Emotes were added this year, similarly to the one previously, but there are quite a few from previous Lunar Events that are still unlockable, alongside the rest of past cosmetic items, from this event. Also, you get 10 free Loot Boxes if you get at least 50, so there is always a chance these magnificent Skins hide in these. For the Skins and other items that are unlockable through the weekly Challenges, make sure to check here for more details.

Year of the Ox lasts until February 25 and is currently live.

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