Palworld: ‘Feeling Down Because of Bad Working Conditions’ and How to Fix

A happy Pal is a hardworking Pal.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Pals Working on Home Base in Palworld. Recovering Sanity for the Pals.
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Is your Pal “feeling down because of bad working conditions” in Palworld? Afraid they’re gonna unionize? This guide covers everything you can do to improve working conditions and fix your Pal’s mood. A happy Pal is a hardworking Pal!

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How to Make Pals Happy and Improve Working Conditions in Palworld

Much like real life, taking care of your employees is essential for good work. If your Pal is feeling down due to a lack of necessities, it can decide to stop working and even develop depression. Yes, seriously.

While in your Palworld base, the top right of the screen displays the current status of your Pals. The “feeling down because of bad working conditions” status can happen for several reasons, such as lacking necessities or being unable to reach them.

Give your Pal a bed

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Make sure that every Pal in your base has a suitable bed they can reach at night. If your Pal doesn’t get regular sleep, it’ll develop various problems that stop it from working or cause it to fall ill.

Some Pals require better beds unlocked further in the Technology tab. Sleeping on hay isn’t for everyone; stronger Pals know what they’re worth.

Ensure your Pal isn’t stuck

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The number one cause for my Pals being cranky or ill is because they’ve become stuck. Whether they’re lost or have fallen off a cliff, I’m constantly repositioning my Pals back to where they should be.

You can use the Palbox to quickly unassign and reassign a Pal to your base, respawning them in the center. If something like a bed is on top of a structure, make sure your Pals can reach it by adding stairs.

Supply plenty of food

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Pals get hungry while working, but it doesn’t mean you have to feed them manually. Put a Feed Box in your base and ensure it’s stocked with plenty of food. Your Pals will automatically take breaks and fill their hunger bars when needed.

I put my Feed Box next to my Ranch, which causes my Transporting Pal to keep it stocked up with Eggs automatically. A single Chikipi powers my entire base — poor guy.

Build a Hot Spring

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Having a Hot Spring in your base allows Pals to take a quick soak and regain Sanity (SAN). Ideally, you want all your Pals to be at 100 SAN to prevent adverse health effects. Like beds, you’ll unlock a better Hot Spring later on that’s more suitable for powerful Pals.

Don’t overwork your Pals!

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Using the Monitoring Stand, you can choose the level of work for Pals in your base. While it’s tempting to overwork the poor critters for fast results, this causes them to lose Sanity and become unhappy quickly. Only use the “Super Hard Working” setting when you desperately need work completed or your base is beefed up enough to handle it.

With these tips in mind, your Pal should recover from feeling down and work harder than ever. The next step is making your Pal party stronger, which you can do with this overpowered item that’s super easy to craft.

This guide was written while playing Palworld on PC via Xbox Game Pass.

- This article was updated on January 23rd, 2024

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