Palworld: What to Do With Extra Pals?

There are many reasons to keep your extra Pals.

by Davi Braid

So, you’ve explored the islands, caught a bunch of creatures for your collection in Palworld, but what’s next? What should you do with all the extra Pals?

Palworld rewards players with extra experience when they capture a bunch of Pals of the same species, providing a way to level up faster in the game. That said, are there any other reasons to keep the extra Pals? Indeed, there are quite a few.

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Why You Should Catch Extra Pals in Palworld

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You can condense extra Pals to infuse another Pal with their essence, breed them so the offspring inherits their parents’ skills, assign them to the same task if you need a specific Work Suitability, or even butcher them for extra items. Let’s go through each of the things you can do one by one.

Condense Pals to Make a Single Pal Stronger

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You can effectively sacrifice some Pals to enhance the stats of another Pal as long as they all belong to the same species. In order to do that, you need to build a Pal Essence Condenser. Once that is done, go to the Pal Essence condenser, select the Pal you want to make stronger, and then all the Pals you want to condense. The game will display the number of Pals required to complete the process and the increased strength of your Pal upon completion.

Breed Pals to Obtain Better Pals

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The offspring of your Pals might inherit some of their special traits. Some Pals are Lazy, others are Hard Working, some are Slackers, and others are Swift. These traits change the behavior of a Pal, and the offspring of your Pals can inherit them.

For instance, if you have two Foxparks with desirable traits, but one is also Lazy, you can breed them in hopes of producing a Foxparks offspring with the good traits and without the undesirable ones. You can also make an entirely different species inherit the good trait of a Pal by breeding Pals of different species.

Use Multiple Pals of the Same Species to Work at the Same Task

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If you need a lot of Wood or Milk or anything else that Pals may help you with, having more than one Pal with a good Working Suitability is a good idea. For instance, having many Chikipi assigned to a Ranch is a good way to get many eggs quickly, while having many Mozzarina working at once will ensure that you have a reliable supply of Milk.

Another use for extra Pals of the same species is making sure that you will provide a Pal of the same species when you breed them. If assign two Cattiva to the Breeding Farm, the egg will become a Cattiva when hatched.

Butcher Your Extra Pals to Get More Items

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Butchering a Pal is basically sacrificing it to obtain items, thereby giving you an additional opportunity to get a drop that you want from that Pal. For instance, if you want eggs, you have a high chance of getting one by either defeating or capturing a Chikipi. If you capture the Chikipi and one more egg, you can butcher it to make it drop items as if you had defeated it in the wild.

Although this is not necessarily the most efficient way to farm certain items (a Chikipi can produce eggs if you assign it to work on a Ranch), this is an especially effective method to farm Technology Points by capturing and butchering Hoocrates, Katress, and Wixen. This grants you another chance of getting a High Grade Technical Manual, that when used, grants you 1 Technology Point.

- This article was updated on January 20th, 2024

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