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Path of Exile How to Find The Maven

The Maven comes in strong with a new tough challenge.

by Victor Vellas


The Maven is an NPC that can be encountered in random Maps, in order to unlock certain Atlas passive abilities. You can pick up some other goodies as well, such as the infamous Maven’s Orb, so she is worth the grind. Maven watches you as you fight 3 map bosses, and finally invites you to her crucible if you end up defeating all of them. Let us see the full process, below.

The Envoy and Maven’s Beacon.

First things first, you need to run maps until you encounter this specific NPC, The Envoy. The appearance of this character is completely random, so you just need to run any maps until this instance takes place. After you get in touch with him a couple of times (4-5), The Envoy will mention The Maven and that she will be observing you. Killing the map Boss at that time, you will notice that The Maven is actually indeed watching you. After defeating the Boss, Maven will drop ‘The Maven’s Beacon‘, which you need to pick up and it’s an untradeable quest item.

Note: It is suggested to run Tier 5+ maps, as it is said they have the best chances of making The Envoy appear.

After doing all of the above, which is the hard part as it is totally based on RNG, return to your hideout and add the quest item you found, into your Map Device. Doing so, will permanently upgrade your device, making you able to summon The Maven in different maps.

Right after, go through any of our highest tiered maps. A ‘Call The Maven’ button will appear, which you need to click to let The Maven observe you. Complete the map so you can please her, for the time being. As you kill the map’s boss, a certain message will be shown on the map itself: “The Maven currently holds a recreation of this Map’s Boss.” This indicates that this map is no longer needed to be completed again.

Doing all of the above will trigger your Atlas, which will show you which region you need to keep on dealing with and kill Bosses, for The Maven to keep watching you. 3 Bosses are needed to go to the next step, which is The Maven’s Challenge. Killing the last of those 3 Bosses, will reward you with an invitation. Pick it up and you will be able to proceed further.

The Maven’s Crucible.

The invitation you picked is actually a map fragment which can be added to your Map Device. Doing so, will open 6 portals that lead to The Maven’s Crucible. Jump into any of those and get ready for a treat.

Here comes the most interesting part of this whole trial you endured. All of the Bosses you previously defeated and captured, are now ready to fight you here in this Crucible. The ultimate challenge of Echoes of The Atlas, this instance will really test your limits and your skills.

If you manage to succeed on killing all of those monsters, the Maven’s Gift will be rewarded, which is a device you can use to allocate points into your Atlas passive tree. Select what you want, confirm it, and you are done with this adventure. Exit through the portal presented and you will be sent out to your hideout.


The Maven’s whole trial literally redefines what a boss encounter means, so make sure to prepare accordingly for it. Equip the best gear you have, make sure you have practiced your build and get ready to rumble with a multitude of strong enemies. Feel free to take a look at some great builds we showcased in our website, to make things easier.

Hopefully, this guide saved you some time in regards to how to found her at least, so good luck Exiles.


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