Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.0.1c Patch Notes

More Fixes and Feature Updates

by Aaron Nashar

Update 1.0.1c has arrived for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

The update focuses on bug fixes for all game modes of the game as well as improvements for the game’s User Interface. Be careful when reading the patch notes, if you haven’t completed the story yet, there are spoilers included.

Here are the patch notes for the game:


  • Spoiler: fixed the logic in the first dialogue with the Herald of Iomedae while following the Angel Mythic Path
  • Spoiler: a battle in Greybor’s quest in chapter 5 didn’t start – fixed
  • Dry Crossroads – couldn’t exit the area – fixed
  • Couldn’t speak about the shield during Sosiel’s quest if you refused to recruit Regill – fixed
  • Battered Spirit could be interrupted by a dialogue between Sosiel and Regill – fixed
  • A fights with Hepzamirah couldn’t be finished – fixed


  • Weather effects slowed down, when they shouldn’t have – fixed
  • Fixed the lighting in Pulura’s Fall and Heart of Mystery.
  • The Next-Door Theater’s location in Drezen has been fixed
  • Sosiel could be seen painting without an easel – fixed. Now he has his easel again
  • Shrine of the Three couldn’t be completed – fixed
  • Ivory Sanctum was impossible to enter in chapter 5 – fixed


  • Some of the Generals’ starting abilities didn’t work – fixed
  • Mass Hold Person didn’t work in tactical combat – fixed
  • Song of Seasons didn’t work correctly – fixed
  • Fixed building models in garrisons
  • Mouse cursor in tactical battles was changing incorrectly – fixed
  • Penetrating Strike didn’t work – fixed
  • Fixed a formula in the rituals for the Generals
  • AoE targeting in the tactical battles has been fixed
  • Fixed a loop when a tactical battle started
  • Pillaged resources weren’t displayed after battle – fixed
  • Features that affect army unit’s initiative now properly affect their stats.
  • Tactical combat Slow spell was not changing initiative during the tactical combat – fixed

Classes & Mechanics

  • Detect Magic ability was available, though didn’t do anything. Now it’s no longer available
  • Arcane Trickster prestige-class was impossible to pick even with all prerequisites met – fixed
  • Persistent metamagic could not be applied to any spells – fixed
  • Swarms dealt damage each time they touched a unit instead of once per round – fixed
  • Some of Mythic Angel’s summons had zero charges – fixed
  • Arcanist’s Arcane Reservoir could sometimes stop replenishing after rest – fixed
  • Swarm-that-Walks’ Swarm Feast ability wasn’t correctly giving 50% miss chance against ranged attacks – fixed
  • Swarm-that-walks can use Devour twice on one target (first time passively when killing someone with spell, and second time with Devour ability after save-load) – fixed
  • Swarm-that-Walks’ Devour ability could be used on living targets – fixed
  • Swarm-that-Walks suffered during camping due to the lack of companions – fixed, we added some mechanics to ease it
  • Swarm-that-Walks could lose some abilities when leveling up – fixed
  • Party AI didn’t attack enemies if Hold option enabled and the main character has no line of sight with enemies – fixed

Turn-based mode

  • A turn would freeze for a mounted character, if the mount has used its movement, but the player tried to attack regardless – fixed
  • Cairn Wights couldn’t be killed in TBM because they got more temporary HP every time you highlight them with a mouse, or their turn starts – fixed
  • Sometimes, highlighting an enemy character will provoke an attack of opportunity against it – fixed


  • Armor is not displayed when equipped on pets – fixed
  • Metamagic effects didn’t apply to scrolls crafted on rest – fixed
  • Kinetic diadems applied incorrect bonus values – fixed
  • Draven’s Hat gave unlimited quicken metamagic – fixed
  • Triceratops spawned from a statuette didn’t have a proper sound bank – fixed
  • Darkness Mask, Circle Mask, Summit Mask and Question Mask were considered trash loot – fixed
  • Quivers didn’t spend their ammunition when used with specific weapon types – fixed

User Interfaces

  • Opening the encyclopedia from the tutorial didn’t show the correct page – fixed
  • In the character sheet, additional attacks of the animal companion were not displayed – fixed
  • Fixed broken links in the credits
  • Fixed broken links in the character’s history
  • Fixed texts in the rest UI
  • On Windows 7, video was not displayed in the tutorials and during the launch of the game – fixed
  • After exiting the city building mode while a building is selected, Esc key would stop working – fixed
  • The DC of cooking during the rest was displayed incorrectly – fixed
  • Fixed an issue when the dialogue window would scroll down to the lowes of possible answers, obscuring the text of the dialogue


  • Bows’ visuals have been improved.
  • Occasionally you couldn’t pause by pressing the spacebar – fixed
  • The tank is always selected from the party to loot containers, even if he/she is farther away from it than others. Now the character, who can get to it faster, will pick the loot
  • Monitor lizard animal companion was moving backward – fixed
  • A crash to the main menu could occur when loading a location, due to a unit missing the visual part – fixed
  • Fixed an issue when a scimitar was sheathed incorrectly
  • All of Animal Companion’s equipment disappeared after specialization – fixed.