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Phantasy Star Online 2 What is Smart PA?

Smart PA can help beginners and veterans alike to use Luster as their main Class.

by Victor Vellas


With the introduction of the Luster Scion Class in the latest update, we saw in action what this hyper-active class can do in the universe of PSO2. An adept in both close and range combat, a diverse moveset for traversal options and highly evasive maneuvers, Luster totally embraces a speedster playstyle like no other in the game.

That said though, this is exactly the reason why some may find Luster quite daunting at first, with three different styles to use, that depend on the element of his currently equipped weapon. Each style has its unique characteristics, and we haven’t even mentioned yet the amount of different combos he can do with each one. Not only that, but everything happens so fast within his rotation, that makes it really easy to lose track of your attacks and animations.

What is Smart PA?

This is where Smart PA makes its appearance, in order to help out anyone who would want to utilize this agile Scion Class. The Smart PA skill, can be registered to your Weapon palette in order to be used as a weapon command. Whenever you press it, it auto-tracks your character’s position compared to the targeted enemy and your current status. Then, it executes the most suitable Art for the spot you are currently located and continues with combination attacks that compliment the specific Art accordingly. You can utilize Just Attacks for the Smart PA, similarly to any other PA, or simply keep the button pressed for a barrage of Photon Arts.

Essentially, Smart PA is for anyone who wants to keep playing the class, but has trouble keeping a stable rotation throughout a battle, minimizing the damage output. Every Luster’s action is so frenetic, that the team behind PSO2 realized that it can be hard for new or casual players to make the most of it, and proceeded with giving us a tool to enjoy this class without hindering its performance. That said, if you are aiming to main Luster instead of using it as a sub-class, it is advised to learn all four skills of his moveset and adjust to any situation respectively.


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