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Phasmophobia – How to Change Difficulty

Want more challenge or dying too much?

by Kyle Hanson


Phasmophobia is a tough game. This is because of a few reasons, including the actual challenging gameplay, but also how you start out not really knowing how things work. Thankfully there are plenty of Amateur difficulty levels for you to mess around with. But what do you do when you’re ready to up the challenge? Here’s how to change difficulty in Phasmophobia.

How to Change Difficulty

Starting out you will only have access to Amateur level stages. These will still put you to the test, of course, but after you get the hang of things you might want to go for a bigger challenge. You can raise the difficulty, but not manually, unfortunately. The way it works is that the difficulty is set for the level, so if you want more challenge you need to go to a different map.

However, these higher difficulty stages won’t be immediately available to you. You need to unlock them by leveling up your own character. So as you start out you will be stuck with just the Amateur levels. Hit level 10 and you’ll unlock some intermediate difficulty stages, and level 15 will offer Professional difficulty.

Once these are available all you need to do if you want a greater challenge is to pick the togher maps. These will often be much bigger, requiring you to spend more time exploring to find the ghost and identify it. So why do them? Because Intermediate give you double the money and 50% more XP while Professional ups this to triple and double, respectively. You’ll also have less time to prepare and will face tougher ghosts that drain your sanity quicker though, so be careful.

Hopefully that answers all your questions about how to change difficulty in Phasmophobia. These larger maps can be tough, but the reward is often worth it.

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