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Phasmophobia – How to Determine Ghost Type

What to do with evidence

by Kyle Hanson


As you start a mission in Phasmophobia you’re offered a few optional objectives. You can complete the mission without finishing any of them, you just won’t get paid so it’s a big waste of time. While many of these change mission to mission, one always remains the same. You’ll need to determine what kind of ghost you’re facing to get paid and feel like you beat the mission at all. To help, here’s some tips and tricks for how to determine ghost type in Phasmophobia.

How to Determine Ghost Type

This really is the main goal of any Phasmophobia mission, so it’s important that you understand how this all works. The key to determining ghost type is to use the journal, accessed with the J key. Jump to the very back and you’ll have three places to select types of evidence that the ghost has displayed as you explore the haunted house. Here’s all the evidence types and how to determine if they’re happening…

Freezing temperatures – use the thermometer to see if it drops below 0
Fingerprints – use the UV light to scan doors, objects and the environment
Ghost Writing – place the notebook in the ghost’s room to see if they write anything
Spirit Box – use the Spirit Box and see if they respond
EMF Level 5 – walk around with the EMF reader active and see if it hits 5 lights
Ghost Orb – set up the camera and see if they show up in the image

Any time one of these presents itself make sure you go into the journal and mark it as one of the three pieces of evidence. This will limit the number of options for the ghost type only to those that match the evidence. If you’re stuck and need more, just scroll through the ghost types in the journal to see what is still available and try to specifically search for the evidence that matches.

For exmaple, if you have evidence of fingerprints and freezing temperatures then you may have a wraith or a banshee. Referencing the journal will show you that a wraith will also respond to the Spirit Box while a banshee will present EMF level 5. So you can go back in with both and try to get evidence of either, which will give you the final answer.

And that’s how to determine ghost type in Phasmophobia. Make sure you set the bottom option to your final choice, whether there are additional ghost types or not, then end the mission to see if you were right. If so you’ll get a nice reward.

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