Playing as Survivor: Dead by Daylight Guide

Some tricks to help you evade the reach of the Killer

by Luna Wilkes

Dead by Daylight demands that Survivors act strategically and cleverly if they want to make it out of the trials alive, so here are some survivor tips to help with that process. The better killers in the game play it very intelligently and give you a reason to fear them, especially in the higher-up rankings. There’s a reason that the most effective gameplay strategies revolve around being able to talk and plan with a full group. These tips however are going to be focused on what you can do when in any kind of lobby, be it with some friends or just whoever you end up in a match with randomly.

5. Know What You’re Up Against

Probably one of the best tips for a survivor to keep in mind is to make sure you know your enemy. Once everyone has readied up and the game starts loading the match, more often than not the tip that pops up will reveal which Killer you are up against. You can use this to prepare yourself in advance for what’s to come. In addition to this, it helps to read up on the killers in the game so that you know full well what’s going to be happening in a match.

4. Know When to Use Lockers

Lockers are a useful tool that can let you hide right next to the Killer if used properly. Be careful when using them though, as a thorough killer will be certain to check them if they have reason to. For instance, if you quickly hide in one right as they approach the generator, they’ll probably check the lockers if there isn’t any evidence of you running away. So if you’re going to hide, maybe make some fake tracks for them to follow, or use them to avoid the killer patrolling the area between the generators. This helps make it less likely that you’ll be found.

3. You Don’t Always Have to Run Away

We’ve all been there in this game, the generator is coming along well and the Killer is approaching. Instead of just running, try to quickly hide instead if you haven’t been noticed yet. If you leave behind no tracks the Killer might just kick the generator, do a quick look around, and then continue on their merry way. As long as you don’t leave any evidence, and are careful to avoid their sights while they do a quick check, you might be able to quickly get back to work on the generator as if nothing happened.

2. Level Up Other Survivors for More Perks

Unlike the Killers, survivors are pretty much entirely defined by their perks. This means that in order to become stronger you’ll need to pull from lots of different perks to keep yourself alive in the long run. The best way to do this is to level up as many survivors as possible until you unlock their perks for everyone else. Over time you’ll have a vast arsenal to pick from and can create a build that will see you through the thick and thin of this game.

1. Don’t Get Overconfident

One of the important final tips for a survivor is to never get overconfident. While it’s true that a coordinated team can run circles around an inexperienced Killer, that won’t always be the case. Never think that you have the upper hand, there have been plenty of matches where the survivors have played almost perfectly up until the final generator, only for everything to collapse once the Killer catches onto everything. Play carefully up until the very end, and never think for a moment that the tides can’t turn in a single instant. Just be smart about it, and you’ll soon find yourself escaping from the grasps of the Entity more than ever before.

Dead By Daylight is available on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia.

- This article was updated on August 12th, 2021