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Pokemon Go Guide: Can You Recover Poke Balls?

by Dean James


The Pokemon franchise has always been known for its urban legends over the years, including the mystery of the truck as a way to get Mew, or the habit of holding Up+B or Down+B after throwing a Poke Ball, even though none of them ended up being true. These have already started surfacing with Pokemon Go as well, including the Eeveelutions we told you about last night, and there is also one involving Poke Balls.

Players start with 50 Poke Balls total, with you able to get more at PokeStops, by leveling up, or by actually buying them. This means being accurate while throwing is a big deal if you are not near PokeStops.

This of course led to people coming out and saying that there was a method of actually getting back your missed throws in Pokemon Go, by simply tapping the ball before it rolls away completely.

There have been some major outlets that have even reported this to be true, but it actually is just a myth.

If you throw a Poke Ball and miss, tapping will do nothing but cause you to use more energy tapping. In fact, sometimes doing this can cause you to accidentally waste a ball by hitting the screen up until when the new ball shows up.

Sadly, there is no way to get a Poke Ball back after you throw it at this time. Instead, just focus on going out to PokeStops and filling your bag with plenty of them to where it won’t be a problem.

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