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Pokemon Go Guide: Why Can’t I Catch Anything

by Kyle Hanson


The Pokemon broke free. These words are like a rage inducing virus to Pokemon Go players. Pokemon breaking out of their Pokeball, then possibly running away is simply infuriating, especially when you did everything right. Of course, maybe you didn’t do everything right. Maybe you missed something important in your technique, and you did have a chance to catch that Pokemon. With that in mine, here’s our guide to help you answer the question, why can’t I catch anything in Pokemon Go.

First up, we need to address the massive elephant in the room. Right now Pokemon Go is bugged in a lot of different places, one of which is in catching Pokemon. Players have been claiming that ever since the update hit last weekend, Pokemon are harder to catch, and run away more often. Finally, after days of fretting over this issue, Niantic came out and confirmed the problem, saying “a new bug affecting throw accuracy increases the odds of escape and omits the XP bonus. We are working on a fix, stay tuned.” If your troubles began with the update, then they could be going away very soon.

In the meantime, you can improve your chances of catching Pokemon, and these tips should translate to the game even after the fix is issued. So, why can’t I catch anything in Pokemon Go? Probably because you aren’t doing all the little things you can to increase your odds of catching that Pokemon.

First off, is the razz berry. This little object can be fed to a wild Pokemon to make them slightly easier to catch. This is only a one-off thing though, so if they escape from your Pokeball you will need to feed them another one. Next is what type of ball you use. Pokeballs are the weakest, Great Balls are better, but Ultra Balls are the best. By switching between them you can see what sort of improvement you get in your catch rate. Just watch the shrinking circle around the Pokemon to see if it is green, yellow, orange, or red. The Pokemon is tougher the closer the ring is to red.

Once you have fed the Pokemon a razz berry and decided on what ball to use, there are still other things you can do to help catch the Pokemon. Curveballs are theorized to give a tiny boost to your catch rate. Also, getting a Nice, Great, or Excellent shot should give a boost as well, even if the XP bonus is currently busted. Check out this guide for more on when to throw Pokeballs in Pokemon Go.

And that’s pretty much why you can’t catch anything in Pokemon Go right now. Improve on your abilities, but the big thing is to wait for the fix from Niantic. Pokemon are really tough to catch at the moment, so try to go a bit heavier on the razz berries and ultra balls if you can.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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