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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Catch Rare Pokemon Using Incense

| August 5, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: How to Catch Rare Pokemon Using Incense GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go Pokemon

Pokemon Go isn’t just about catching Pidgeys and Rattatas. Shocking, I know. Actually there are lots and lots of uncommon and rare Pokemon to find in the game. Sure, if you live in a big city you might stumble onto them a lot, but many players are having a tough time finding them. Luckily there is a new theory making the rounds that tells you how to catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go using nothing but an incense.

We already showed you how to use incense in Pokemon Go, but if you need a refresher check out this guide. We also told you where to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go right here, but of course it’s more about tips and tricks, rather than a surefire method like this new theory offers. Finally, a note: this is just a theory right now but it has some weight behind it. So, with that out of the way let’s dive into it.

The key for this trick to work is to get out in the middle of nowhere. According to the Reddit thread that broke the whole thing down, you need to have a totally clear Nearby list (restart the game to refresh it). Once you are in the middle of the woods, or somewhere away from society you can use your incense (see the earlier guide for how to do that).

If done correctly you should start to see rarer Pokemon spawn. Some have had Abras, Ponytas, Charmanders, even Blastoise show up. It seems that with nothing nearby for the incense to pull from, it just grabs a random Pokemon to spawn near you. This greatly increases the odds of getting a rare Pokemon, rather than the Pidgey that is likely nearby.

Also keep in mind the fact that incense works best when you are in motion. If standing still you’ll get a Pokemon every five minutes or so, but moving around can decrease the wait time. Try to keep moving, but make sure you are staying somewhere far from where Pokemon would usually spawn.

Again, just a theory right now, but give it a shot and let us know how it works for you.

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  • Linda Taylor-Lee

    Give a dollar if you love pikachu

  • Rebecca Davies

    This actually works. Tried and tested 5 times in the middle of no where and every single time a lot of awesome pokemon turned up, lapras, growlithe, pikachu and many many more came. I wondered if anyone else had tried this. And now I know thank you :)

    • Lam Reynold

      In the middle of no where as in which part. I tried but nothing came out.

      • Rebecca Davies

        In the middle of a farm, no houses no people no pokemon on our nearby list, 6 miles from the nearest town. In the Cotswolds. Gloucestershire. England. To be precise. It works really well for us.

        • Lam Reynold

          Thanks.. But can I ask what level then can catch until snorlex? I thinking is it my level too Low and I can’t find snorlex and other rare Pokemon.

  • Ds

    Wasn’t that effective for me

  • BobPigJoe

    Kind of worked. Was in middle of forest within a couple of miles of the water (water out of sight of the screen). No pokestops and only one road nearby. No nearby Pokemon. One incense dropped (couldn’t put a lure). Soon as I dropped it a shellder showed up in the middle of the forest. After 5 mins, I rebooted the game and found a spearow. Did the same again and found another shellder. Did it again and found a spearow. Last time got a tentacool, which I didn’t previously have. Overall pretty disappointing use of my incense.

    • Rebecca Davies

      You don’t need to keep shutting down and rebooting in this situation Joe. Keep the app running and walk as quick as you can or jog. If you can get 200m inside of a minute you will spawn a pokemon every minute (or 3mins on a walk). This gives the potential of 30 pokemon from one insence and a very awesome chance of a lot of rare ones. :)

  • Lisa

    I just wanted to let you know that from my experience this method doesn’t really work. I live in the middle of a forest where I literally can’t catch any Pokemon UNLESS I use an incense. When I use one it really only attracts average/fairly average Pokemon (i.e. pidgeys, rattata, venonats). Also, when you’re in an area this rural you have to constantly walk and even then Pokemon only pop up around every ten minutes. I’ve found that after lighting an incense and keeping a move on for the entire thirty minutes I usually attract about no more than 5 or 6 Pokemon with no over all value :/

    However with the recent updates Pokemon go has been having perhaps this experience has changed.

  • Ali

    I tried this at my home, a farm where there has never been a single Pokemon. All I got was 3 Rattatas and a Bellsprout (which I already had). These popped up only when I was in the house: I walked outside for half the time and got nothing at all, presumably because there is little or no mobile internet reception.
    So a waste of time here, but I guess may work better if you keep moving in an area with good phone signal.

    • Brandi

      I’ve done this and it worked so well! You have to be careful in a remote area because if you have a weak cellular/internet signal or your GPS button is always spinning that means it won’t work as well. I like to go on a bike ride with my insense. Last time I ended up with 17 really good Pokemon some new ones, and I left behind a handful of pidgeys, weedles, and rattatas. So I saw 25-30 in total. ??

  • Chunkylover35

    I’m in the middle of the Mediterranean sea…
    Does it also work?

  • UnderbaraSverige

    I tried this. This didn’t work at all for me.

  • Nightmare Statue

    If I want ghastly should I wait for it in my sightings? And then light an incense?

  • Ava Shapiro

    I’ve had okay luck with incense, I’ve gotten a dratini and a bulbasaur from incense before. That said, I’ve only used it like two times though.

  • Ava Shapiro

    Really depends where you are