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Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Find Charmander and Other Starters

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Go is finally here, and one almost every gamer’s wishlist is to get their favorite starter Pokemon. For many this is Charmander, others prefer Squirtle, and the select few Pokemon connoisseurs stick with Bulbasaur. Now matter who you prefer, the question remains, where do you get them? Well, it’s pretty simple at the beginning, but there’s still more to it. So here is our guide on where to find Charmander and other starters in Pokemon Go.

So really to get your first one just start up the game and login. You need either a Google or Pokemon Trainer Club account. Create your character and give them a name and bam, you’ll be right in the middle of the three classic starters from Kanto. Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur will be right there, so just tap whichever one you want and toss your Pokeball.

You should catch them fairly easily, and you’re off on your big Pokemon adventure. After that you might wonder where you can get more of the same starter, or maybe the two that you didn’t pick. These are pretty rare, so they won’t be as easy to find as a Rattata or Pidgey, but you can still do it. Unlike the regular games, starters can still be found in the wild.

To find them you’ll probably want to follow our tips on how to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Essentially you’ll want to go to places that match the Pokemon type you are wanting to find. So if you want a Squirtle you should head to some water, Charmander will be near something fire related, and Bulbasaur should be near other plants.

If you catch multiples you can always use them to power up and evolve your current Pokemon, check out this guide for how to get candy for that. Otherwise you should be all set, and have a nice Charmander or whatever you’re looking for right in your collection.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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