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Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Find Charmander and Other Starters

| July 7, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Find Charmander and Other Starters GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go Pokemon

Pokemon Go is finally here, and one almost every gamer’s wishlist is to get their favorite starter Pokemon. For many this is Charmander, others prefer Squirtle, and the select few Pokemon connoisseurs stick with Bulbasaur. Now matter who you prefer, the question remains, where do you get them? Well, it’s pretty simple at the beginning, but there’s still more to it. So here is our guide on where to find Charmander and other starters in Pokemon Go.

So really to get your first one just start up the game and login. You need either a Google or Pokemon Trainer Club account. Create your character and give them a name and bam, you’ll be right in the middle of the three classic starters from Kanto. Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur will be right there, so just tap whichever one you want and toss your Pokeball.

You should catch them fairly easily, and you’re off on your big Pokemon adventure. After that you might wonder where you can get more of the same starter, or maybe the two that you didn’t pick. These are pretty rare, so they won’t be as easy to find as a Rattata or Pidgey, but you can still do it. Unlike the regular games, starters can still be found in the wild.

To find them you’ll probably want to follow our tips on how to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Essentially you’ll want to go to places that match the Pokemon type you are wanting to find. So if you want a Squirtle you should head to some water, Charmander will be near something fire related, and Bulbasaur should be near other plants.

If you catch multiples you can always use them to power up and evolve your current Pokemon, check out this guide for how to get candy for that. Otherwise you should be all set, and have a nice Charmander or whatever you’re looking for right in your collection.

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  • Jason Withell

    Define ‘fire related’. Fire fighting buildings, bush fire locations?

    • Ryan

      With you on that!

      • michael strickland

        In my area we have a lot of fire houses, maybe that’s it.

      • NONONO, you obviously are supposed to go to a volcano, use your heads guys. Or maybe just start a forest fire somewhere and it will work out.

        • Traveling Hunter

          FUCK. I’m near a fire station… No fire anymore…

          • beat box

            Turn on ur oven and put phone inside….you will catch all fire typr but u wont able to catch ur phone back

        • Me

          Wait guys use your heads. Just get a lighter or a match and set on fire then just wait

    • Dylan Laforge

      You should have no problem finding those rare fire types if you just wander around inside any local house fires

      • Jason Withell

        Sounds good

      • adam martinez

        So to find pikachu I have to stick a fork in the power outlet

        • Matt Lisanby

          Well there’s only one way to find out

        • Inmat

          you can actually find them near electric generators lol

        • Jo

          Kids are going to kill themselves accidentally from reading everyone’s comments lol

    • Kyle Hanson

      It’s still all being figured out. So far I’ve seen gas stations, old well-known fires, even volcanoes.

      • Ken

        Close to my home is Mt. Diablo, a volcano, and I’ve caught 3 chars there. I also have seen em @ a fire station, escaped me -_-
        Also my kid encountered them @ a trail i ride my mnt bike, it has some sulfer veins so i think thats why. How this helps someone

    • Bree Lane

      I found it in my bed…… nothing fire related about that I don’t think… Was my first pokemon.

      • CarolMcGov

        The first threee pokemon are starters and will pop up wherever you are.

        • Matthew Jasengnou

          a guy found a charmander pooping lol
          (not choosing his starter)

          • Rich Reyes

            Must have eaten atomic wings

          • Catwoman

            Or taco bell

          • Jonathan

            I just read these comments and for all of you who don’t know, this is hilarious!!!

          • Catwoman


          • David

            Or mexican food

          • Jordan Mayo

            well that’s not shitty.

          • theantisocialarcher

            no kidding

          • Catwoman


          • Paul

            I find many zubat on the crapper, I call them poobats

      • Catwoman

        Your bed is lit :3 lol

        • Khalil Hart

          Haha I was about to say that. Or they have a std……….O_O

    • Alex Spice

      fire stations

      • Firemedic88

        False… I work at a local fire department and I was at 3 of our stations yesterday, no fire types ?

    • Cameron Lund

      Check the area you started the game in and chose your charmander. That’s where I’ve had the most luck.

    • Chris

      Apparently, deserts count. I’ve got friends back home in the Mojave who are catching Charmanders.

      • Logan

        I live in Mojave and so far iv caught 3 charmanders and haven’t seen one water type.

        • Chris

          Yeah…I’m living in coastal VA now, and I’m catching Poliwags in my parking lot.

      • Connor

        Dang I live about 30 minutes away from Mojave! Gotta check it out!

        • Varnyu

          Then i’m screwed.. the nearest desert is cca 3-4000 km far from my location… ?

          • Son_Goku

            Better get to walkin good chance to hatch an egg or two ??

    • Ryan

      I heard that you can find them near gas stations, but I have had no luck with that.

      • Adam Wolken

        Found a venasaur in tj max earlier Jeff city Missouri usa

    • Ryan

      Also in desert areas. I live a couple miles from the city lake so water types aren’t a problem, but i have only found two fire types and one of them I hatched from an egg(Vulpix).

    • Cybele W

      You can find him on my mixtape

    • Israel Lujan

      Friend of mine found some at a factory

    • Otadory

      Pretty sure they’re talking about volcanoes

    • Vivek Kaneriya

      best area is near the pokestops around beaches… those have almost all types of pokemon

  • Zach Eidman (jahhweh)

    weird… i caught my squirtle nowhere near water. also… bulbasaur will be near “other plants” as if plants are hard to come by. do you live in a fkn concrete bunker?!?

    • Adam

      Desert bro

      • Adam

        Can’t find bulbasur worth shit

  • Umadbreh

    This article is complete shit and fuck the author in the asshole with incense tbh fam.

    • Kyle Hanson

      You mad bro?

    • derpilicus diamond

      Lol u mad

  • Joe Lenton

    I really though this game would be more like the originals with wild battles and trainer to trainer battles with your mates or somat it makes no sence to just walk around to catch poke’s without weakening them and leveling up and evolving buy catching multiple of the same poke’s to get candies. Let us battle wilds to gain exp

    • manzy

      I read that they will implement trainer to trainer later. It’s only a couple of days old! Give it some time

    • Jammassinia

      Local parks are to feature gyms so there are gonna be gym battles

  • Nico

    i live in houston and my starter was charamander but i cnat find more any help

    • galactic-onion

      yeah man i feel ur pain i really wanna evolve my charamander

      • Numnum

        U can get a pikachu as a starter

  • Pizza

    I gues you can fin squirrle by seas and water and such

  • Pizza

    And bulba in forests and maybe your garden

    • Pzazz

      Maybe in the local greenhouse or in some fucking asshole

  • Pethick72

    Pokemon also come out based on weather yesterday I searched my whole backyard and neighborhood and rivers looking for a nearby squirtle and then it rained and he popped out in my backyard. Electric like thunderstorms and fire Pokemon like sunny and hot days

    • TearsOfLA621

      100+ for over a week in Idaho, good time to accidentally puck charizard. (wanted bulbasaur)

    • HaydukeLives

      I think it was just coincidence.

    • Aaking04

      yeah I don’t think that’s how it works because here in Texas every couple of days it can get over 100 degrees so charmanders would be everywhere

  • Adrian Padron

    Not starter related but my wife found a ponyta in our livingroom, nowhere near a fire house or anything fire related

    • Justin Engbroten

      There is something to it. I just went to Vegas and found nothing but fire types, rock types, Ekanses and Sandshrews. It works cuz I found hardly any of those in Kansas. Lots of grass and bug types here.

  • DonutHole

    Im not sure what happened, but I couldnt choose a starter? As soon as I got in professor willow just said “Now, ill help you catch this bulbasaur”, I never got a choice

    • Jon Boyle

      You probably bumped one without realizing

  • Chawizawd

    soo.. can I start a fire and find charmander… or does one have to walk to a volcano

    • Zulnorain Ahmed

      It doesnt even work near volcanoes y friend lives in hawaii near a volcano and no fire types just a fearow and more rattata

      • Varnyu

        Yeah fuckin’ ratatas everyqhere ?

  • Cameron Lund

    I started with charmander and the only place I can find one is where I originally started the game and chose charmander. I started at my work and 3 days in a row I’ve seen charmander there. It might be only a once a day thing, that’s all I’ve had luck with. Hope this helps.

    • Zulnorain Ahmed

      where do u work and around what time does it appear?

      • Cameron Lund

        BD, at like 5 in the morning.

  • Flamemane

    Hell I walked around for an hour half with the ladder part using insense an only ran across two pidgeies , I’m in Arkansas rats,bugs,and birds galore

  • Yougotpwoned

    ‘other fire areas’ XD sucks to suck charmanders.

  • Jeebus

    California forests for charmanders?

  • OG-fuckyomomma

    My first pokemon was pikachu yeah suck on that mothasuckas!! Aaa lol but seriously it aint worth doing it now if your so far in the game but you can get pikachu as your stater

    • Varnyu

      Why would i want it when nowhere can i find it??

  • Jon Roberts

    I keep finding squirtle in a best buy parking lot with no water anywhere nearby.

  • derpilicus diamond

    To find a snorlax I have to go to Mc.Donald’s???

  • derpilicus diamond

    I also found a pukachu at a Mexican restaurant lol

  • colten naclerio

    So look for Charizard next to my freestyle mixtape?

  • Shellshock

    Denver has pikachus. He was standing ON the electric wires. Hard

  • jordan stanton

    I found one on my mixtape case so yah…

    • chucknasty

      U be spitting that fire boyyyy

  • John Wesker Santome

    I think it pending on the day and time found a bulbasaur in my garden full moon started with cha

  • Sonic The Hedgehog

    fire related? what kind of cock and bull explanation is that?……..moron

  • smellytoast

    when I wanted to pick up a couple extra charmanders I just played my mix tape and I caught a bunch

  • Bobsagt0420

    So if I was smokin a blunt, charmander would come up and try hittin it.


    My starter was a Squirtle but I found a Bulbasaur near the beach!

  • Conor Sus Moon

    I found a Charizard sitting on my mixtape

  • Michael Hewitt

    Fire place man I got the starter Pokemon on accident I accidentally got Bulbasaur instead of Charmander even though I click on Charmander but if you walk around I won’t run the property for thinking around the starter Pokemon was on and Pikachu popped up and apparently an egg but I didn’t get Pikachu because I want to try to get charmander and got bulbasur there f****** assholes

  • HaydukeLives

    What a piece of shit article. Total waste of data…

  • Ming Chen

    easy, just hatch 2.0 km eggs, rate are not high but you can hatch all 4 starter

  • Alexander Woods

    Gas Stations are very good locations for Charmander, lakes and ponds are excellent spots for Squirtle, while parks with some lush forest and open fields seem good for Bulbasaur. :)

  • Vinnyc6

    Maybe it’s talking about a fire grill resturant or something that uses fire you know

  • Nikolai

    Describe (fire related) because there isn’t a place that has fire unless a volcano or a burning building.

  • BlackJackSmack

    we have wild fires occurring near will a charmander be there?

  • MintyPlays

    I caught a Squirtle in a social club.

  • uvu

    I found a bulbasaur in the city.
    That was near water.


  • uvu
  • Adam Wootton

    I’m in the UK. Lots of water types. And pidgeys… Millions of pidgeys. On the plus side I now have a pidgeot.

  • Chris Moore

    Found charizard behind a Pep Boys


    Boi what Ima go chill by a volcano real quick or the fire house

  • chucknasty

    Found a meowth in my dogs house

  • Raina Townsend

    I found my 200+cp Bulbasaur (only one I’ve caught) in the checkout line at my local grocery store. It just randomly spawned on me and didn’t show up on the “nearby” chart. And then I found Squirtle in the parking lot of a Culver’s restaurant not 1/5 of a kilometer away from the store where I found Bulbasaur. Now I need to find more Charmanders so I can evolve my original starter :)

  • Milocraftkri

    you have to go to a place with a dry climate like a beach or a sandy place for fire type

  • Jerry McVicker

    This was a waste of electrons.

  • Nick Tarrant

    I caught a blastoise lastnight in my driveway

  • PikaPika_D06

    And if I want more Pikachus?

  • Dana Dadlani

    tanglewood park in clemmons NC is massively infested with charmander, 3-4 hours until you can get enough to make charizard.

  • Dana Dadlani

    Park behind Friendly Shopping center is great for magikarp and dratini’s. greensboro NC. 3-5 hours for all 400 on a busy day.

  • ace1149

    or you could steel it from somone who just started the game i mean thats how i got all 3 starters ….. just saying

  • Xavier Hodges

    Where should I look for a Charmander in my house like a stove becuse that’s dire related

  • Ales Zvolanek

    you just pour gasoline over yourself and light yourself on fire, then charmanders miraculously start to appear. worked for me, got 3 of them.

  • Maitreya Faust

    I had a 400cp Charmander pop up on me in a Walmart parking lot tonight. Pretty sure it’s random as of now.

  • Inquisitively

    Is it weird that I found Blastoise on a road surrounded by a considerable number of trees and grass, but I can’t find a simple Bulbasaur—NOT a Venusaur—there?

  • Anne M Cote

    my charmander disappeared within the first few days. i don’t know why. how can i get it back?

    • Pokelady

      Play Backspin on XM or a really good mix tape. Charmander also appears when a good blunt is being smoked.

  • D

    If you’re ever in the Bay area there’s a park called the Presidio near the Golden Gate bridge. Bulbasaur and Squirtle spawn like crazy there and nearby.

  • I essentially live in the desert, and I can easily say charmanders are twice as common as pidgies here. Just in the past hour I’ve caught four, and that was just at the local park. In the past two days, I’ve probably come across twenty or more. If you want charmanders, go to the desert.

  • gotcha

    Just search fire types at warm places sand in a bitch..ohh i mean sand in beach

  • Jeff

    Just caught a cp1100 charizard on Benidorm sea front, Spain, Lel

  • Thomas Cahill

    This doesnt help at all, we know about related places but we dont live in or near a desert for a charmander? Also, I’m looking for particular locations for the pokemon, not just areas in ireland youd go. DO you have to travel around ireland for the 150 pokemon, or will all be found in every county?

  • Dexter

    This doesnt help at all, we know about related places but we dont live in or near a desert for a charmander? Also, I’m looking for particular locations for the pokemon, not just areas in ireland youd go. DO you have to travel around ireland for the 150 pokemon, or will all be found in every county?

  • CraigPW1984

    I don’t understand why they make these 3 so hard to find when they are starter Pokemon. I have been playing since it came out and have yet to find a charmander anywhere. I’ve needed one more bulbasaur for the past 2 weeks to evolve it. Too many pidgeys, ratatas, and weedles compared to any other Pokemon.

  • karl

    In our place yesterday there was a big fire, 12 houses are burned to the ground, found at least 9 charmander after.

  • Scott D’Amico

    Step one:
    Set a pokestop on fire

    Step 2:
    Set a lure

    Step 3:
    Charmander SHOULD show up, but it’s not garunteed.

    Step 4:
    Go to jail

  • Carlos Guerrero

    I caught a char at a trailer park the other day??

    • Steven L

      Water type pokemon will appear near water and it seems that grass types favor parks (although I stil haven’t found a bulbasaur there yet) but there is no rhyme or reason to where other pokemon types spawn. The closest Pikachu spawn to me is at a zoo 45 mins away from me and the closest Charmander spawn is in a park just over 2 hours away.

  • Rafay Jadran

    Must be up my ass if I fart and light it using a match

  • your mom

    these articles are trash

  • Shawn H.

    Or you could fly into the sun for Moltres/Fire

  • waylon

    umm….. I found charmander in a WV flea market’s parking lot, but I went to my pokedex, and it was actually A DITTO! I am not lying!!! here are steps to get ditto:
    1. find a bulbasaur, squirtle, or charmander.
    2. it may be disguised as a ditto…
    3. …IT IS! CATCH HIM!!!!!
    P.S. : when I found mine, it ran, but takes at least 20 pokeballs, so be stocked up!!!

  • Gail

    How do I get off Bulbasuar and Charmander on Pokémon Go?

  • Gail

    I get it

  • Gail

    so cute

  • Gail


  • Gail

    Just like fire😂😂😂😂😊😂😊😂😂😊😂😂😂😂

  • Gail

    Kick those bootys!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Gail


  • Gail

    I love ❤️ pikachu

  • Gail

    Pi ka chu

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