Pokemon Go Guide: How to Heal and Revive Pokemon

by Kyle Hanson

We already showed you how to battle with your Pokemon in Pokemon Go. But what happens after that? Especially when you lose. What do you do when your roster is full of injured or even fainted Pokemon? Well, you heal and revive them of course. But how do you do that? Pokemon Go doesn’t really go out of its way to tell you. So we’ll go ahead and do it for them. Here’s our guide on how to heal and revive Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

First up, you’ll need specific items. For injured Pokemon you need potions. Much like the regular games, these special items will restore a select amount of HP to your injured Pokemon. If you don’t have any then you can buy them, or check out this guide to see how to use Pokestops, where you will sometimes get more potions.

This is all true for revives as well, which are items that do exactly what their name suggests. If your Pokemon has fainted then you just need to use a revive to wake them up, and restore a bit of their HP. Once again, you can purchase them with real money or Pokecoins (see how to get these for free right here). Or head to the nearest Pokestop and hope that you get lucky. You should also get some potions or revives as drops whenever you level up, if you’re willing to wait.

Once you have what you need you just need to tap the Pokeball icon on the bottom of the screen. This pulls up the menu, where you want to select Items. In here you can choose either a potion or a revive. This brings up a separate menu that shows any Pokemon who are injured, if you selected potion, or fainted, if you selected revive. Tap whichever one you want to use it on and it should restore their HP instantly. For higher level Pokemon who lost a lot of HP you might have to use a few potions, or a revive and a potion.

Hopefully this helps in your Pokemon Go adventures. Let us know in the comments if anything else is tripping you up.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018