Pokemon GO Hisuian Discoveries Event: Debut Pokemon, Shinies, Raids, and More

Get ready for a Hisuian adventure!

by Noah Nelson


The newest event in Pokemon GO Season of GO is the Hisuian Discoveries. This event is going to showcase and introduce a lot of Hisuian Pokemon in Pokemon GO. There is a lot to cover, so without further adieu, here is everything coming to Pokemon GO in the Hisuian Discoveries Event.

Pokemon GO Hisuian Discoveries Start Time

The Hisuian Discoveries Event starts on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. local time and ends on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. local time. And since the Pokemon GO community has been on fire recently, Niantic is rewarding Trainers with several Ultra Unlock bonuses. The Hisuian Discoveries Pokemon Go event is definitely not one to miss.

Pokemon GO Hisuian Discoveries Debut Pokemon

There are three new Hisuian Pokemon debuting in the Hisuian Discoveries event. This means that this is the first time these Pokemon have been available in Pokemon GO and they will be available moving forward! Here they are:

  • Hisuian Growlithe
  • Hisuian Qwilfish
  • Hisuian Sneasel

Pokemon GO Hisuian Discoveries Bonuses

Like the debut Pokemon coming in the Hisuian Discoveries event, there are three active bonuses that Trainers can enjoy throughout the event. Here they are:

  • Friendship levels will increase faster than normal through opening Gifts, trading Pokémon, or battling together in raids, Gyms, or Trainer Battles
  • During the event, Trainers can open up to 45 Gifts and send up to 150 Gifts each day
  • Trainers can store up to 30 Gifts until the end of the event

Pokemon GO Hisuian Discoveries Ultra Unlock Raid Day

One of the Ultra Unlock bonuses available in the Hisuian Discoveries event is a special Raid Day featuring Hisuian Braviary. This Raid Day will be active all day on Sunday, July 31, 2022.

Pokemon GO Hisuian Discoveries Raids

Speaking of Raids, here are all of the Pokemon available in Raids during the Hisuian Discoveries event:

An asterisk means the Pokemon can be shiny.

1-Star Raids

  • Unown S*
  • Sneasel*
  • Roselia*
  • Shinx*
  • Panpour*

3-Star Raids

  • Chansey*
  • Togetic*
  • Kirlia
  • Whiscash

5-Star Raids

  • Dialga*

Mega Raids

  • Mega Gengar

Pokemon GO Hisuian Discoveries Spawns

Of course, with every new event comes a new roster of spawns to go out and collect. These Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild during the event. Here are all of the spawns in the Hisuian Discoveries Pokemon GO event:

An asterisk means the Pokemon can be shiny.

  • Zubat*
  • Ponyta*
  • Onix*
  • Hisuian Voltorb
  • Tangela*
  • Eevee*
  • Porygon*
  • Aipom*
  • Hisuian Qwilfish
  • Wurmple*
  • Kricketot*
  • Buizel*
  • Drifloon*
  • Bronzor*
  • Croagunk*

If you’re lucky, you may encounter the following Pokemon:

  • Electabuzz*
  • Magmar*
  • Octillery
  • Gible*

As an Ultra Unlock Spawn bonus, Panpour, which can be shiny, will appear in raids and in the wild.

Pokemon GO Hisuian Discoveries Eggs

Last but not least, we have new 7 km Eggs. These are a great way to get your hands on the new debut Hisuian Pokemon. Here are the 7 km Eggs in the Hisuian Discoveries event:

  • Hisuian Growlithe
  • Hisuian Voltorb
  • Hisuian Qwilfish
  • Hisuian Sneasel

If you’re curious to know what the Field Research and Collection Challenges are for the Hisuian Discoveries event, we won’t know until the event goes live. For that reason, be sure to check back in at our Pokemon GO page on day one for more information about everything this event holds.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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