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Pokémon GO – How to Catch Ditto for April 2021

Can you get Shiny Ditto?

by Kyle Hanson


The ever elusive Ditto will be an even bigger presence than normal in Pokémon GO for April 2021. Starting with the April Fool’s Day event and continuing beyond he’ll be more common and can be caught from more species than usual. So for the hunters out there we have some tips and tricks for how to catch Ditto in Pokémon GO for April 2021, including which Pokémon can be Ditto.

How to Catch Ditto in Pokémon GO for April 2021

In case you’re new to Pokémon GO, here’s how Ditto works. Unlike other Pokémon, you don’t find one in the wild. Instead you find more common species (listed below) and catch them. Then if you’re lucky you will see “Oh?” appear on the screen and they will transform into Ditto, which will be added to your collection.

So when you’re hunting for Ditto you don’t actually look for them. Instead you try to find all the species listed down below and catch as many as you can. If one is a Ditto for yourself or another player then it will be one for every other player as well. So you can share info among groups to try to track them down. Thankfully they are more common this month so maybe that won’t be necessary. Maybe you’ll just need to know which Pokémon can be Ditto in April 2021.

Which Pokémon can be Ditto in April 2021

Below is a list of Pokémon species that can be Ditto in the wild. Catch as many of them as you can and you should end up with a few of the purple blobs.

  • Hoothoot
  • Spinarak
  • Hoppip
  • Remoraid
  • Whismur
  • Gulpin
  • Nummel
  • Bidoof
  • Purrloin
  • Foongus

But what if you don’t like purple? Shiny Ditto is blue, so can you catch him?

Can Ditto be Shiny in April 2021

Shiny Ditto was added to Pokémon GO a little while ago, during the Kanto Tour event, so players everywhere are still excited to try to catch one. Unfortunately Ditto cannot be shiny in April 2021, unless you are still working on the Kanto Tour Special Research. That is the only way to catch Shiny Ditto, even with the boosted spawn rate for April 2021. All the ones you catch in the wild will be normal, as the shiny form is locked to that research quest.

And that’s how to catch Ditto in Pokémon GO for April 2021.

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