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Pokémon GO – How to Catch Pikachu (Flower Crown) for the Collection Challenge

Get Pikachu for the Spring into Spring Challenge

by Kyle Hanson


The Spring into Spring Collection Challenge has begun in Pokémon GO and players are frantic to find some of the more rare character they’re tasked with catching. Flower Crown Pikachu is among the toughest, appearing rarely in the wild. But there is a trick to it, so here’s how to catch Pikachu with Flower Crown for the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO.

How to Catch Flower Crown Pikachu in Pokémon GO

As we note in the full Spring into Spring event guide, Flower Crown Pikachu will be appearing in the wild. However, the spawn rate likely isn’t high enough for those who don’t have a lot of time to play. Still, if you watch your Nearby radar screen you might find one that has popped up near you, or one can appear right next to you if you’re lucky.

For those that aren’t Incense will be your best friend. Using one gives you an hour of mostly event exclusive Pokémon spawns. If you play through the whole thing there’s a decent chance of catching Flower Crown Pikachu. But it’s not a guarantee, and the luck of random numbers can sometimes wane on you. So instead you might want to focus on one of the few guaranteed methods of getting one.

Spring into Spring event themed Field Research can reward you with Flower Crown Pikachu. Catch 5 Exeggcute is the mission you want to look for. Spin Poké Stops until you get it, making sure you have a free Research slot before you spin. Once you do, just catch the required Exeggcute, which should be easy since they are a common spawn, then redeem it to get your Flower Crown Pikachu encounter as a reward.

Can Flower Crown Pikachu be Shiny

And when you redeem it or encounter one in the wild, be on the lookout for the subtle color difference and sparkles that mark a shiny Pokémon. Flower Crown Pikachu can be shiny, so you’ll want to watch out and try to encounter as many as possible, even when you’re done with the Collection Challenge. There’s no big trick to getting Shiny Flower Crown Pikachu, just encounter as many as you can and you’ll hopefully get one eventually.

And that’s how to catch Flower Crown Pikachu for the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO. For more help with the mission check out our full Collection Challenge guide.

- This article was updated on:April 3rd, 2021

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