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Pokémon GO – How to Catch Shieldon and Cranidos for Sinnoh Collection Challenge

How to get Cranidos and Shieldon

by Kyle Hanson


The Sinnoh Collection Challenge is on in Pokémon GO. Players all around the world are searching frantically to collect every required species to get the rewards and a notch on their Elite Collector medal. But while many of them are easy to catch, requiring just a quick check into the game to see them appear somewhere in the wild, others are a true challenge. While we can’t direct you to their exact location, we do have some tips and tricks. So here’s how to catch Shieldon and Cranidos for the Sinnoh Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO.

How to Catch Shieldon and Cranidos

Shieldon and Cranidos are available in three methods during the Sinnoh Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO. First, they will appear in the wild at boosted levels, but even with a boost they are still quite rare. During Partly Cloudy weather though Shieldon and Cranidos will become an “uncommon” spawn making that the ideal weather to hunt for one. If the weather turns to Partly Cloudy you might want to take a walk and check your nearby screen to see if any Shieldon or Cranidos spawn near a Poké Stop.

Otherwise you have two ways to get one. 5km eggs gotten during the event, which runs until Sunday, January 17th at 8pm can have a Cranidos or Shieldon in them. This is a very random way to get one though so don’t rely on it. Instead while spinning Poké Stops you should watch for the Win 2 Raids Field Research task. This rewards either a Shieldon or Cranidos, so you’ll check off at least one box the first time you get one. After that it will be a coin flip, so try to get a few and you should end up completing the Sinnoh Collection Challenge.

If you need more help though, check out our full guide. But hopefully knowing how to catch Shieldon and Cranidos for the Sinnoh Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO will be enough and you’ll finish up soon.

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