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Pokémon GO – How to Get Shiny Fletchling on Community Day

How to catch all the shiny Fletchling you can

by Kyle Hanson


Fletchling Community Day is kicking off all around the world in Pokémon GO starting later today. This six hour event gives players a chance to catch a bunch of the Flying and Normal type Pokémon. But the real goal for a bunch of trainers is gaining a collection of Shiny Fletchling, thanks to the boosted shiny odds. So here’s how to get Shiny Fletchling in Pokémon GO for Community Day.

How to Get Shiny Fletchling in Pokémon GO

We’ll give more tips and tricks below, but the real method for getting Shiny Fletchling during Community Day in Pokémon GO is simply to encounter as many of the tiny birds as possible. Note that I didn’t say to catch them all, as that can often take up time better spent shiny hunting. So you want to tap them in the wild or encounter them via research or other methods (see below) then either quick catch them or back out and move on, if Shiny Fletchling is your only goal at the time.

With that said, let’s explain some of the methods that increase your chances at a Shiny Fletchling. When exploring in the wild you can tap a Pokémon to see if it is shiny then back out at the top left if it isn’t and you don’t want to catch it for the 3x Catch Candy (see our full Community Day guide for more). The character model on the overworld screen will have turned to look toward you, which you can use to identify which you have checked and which you still need to.

If you do want to catch a bunch of non-Shiny Fletchling you can use the quick catch method. Simply place your finger or thumb on the berry selection menu button, move it slightly right, then hold it. Now use your other hand to throw the Poké Ball. If it hits left go of the Berry button and close the menu, then exit the encounter in the top right. This will skip all the animations, but if the Fletchling breaks out you will need to tap them again to encounter and try to catch.

Once you clear out any Fletchling in the wild around you you might wonder how to encounter more. Five will photobomb you during the event, so be sure to exhaust those. You will also encounter many via the Special and Timed Research quests, which we’ll have guides for once they are available. They may also be available via 2km eggs gotten during the event, but we are waiting for confirmation on this so don’t rely on it.

And that’s our tips and tricks on how to get Shiny Fletchling in Pokémon GO for Community Day. If you play for a few hours you should end up with plenty, but in a pinch be sure to use these methods.

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