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Pokemon GO: How to Get Sinnoh Stone

The elusive Sinnoh Stone just became easier to get.

by Kyle Hanson


Ever since the introduction of Gen 4 Pokemon into Pokemon GO players have had a new item to seek after. The Sinnoh Stone is a very rare item that allows trainers to evolve certain creatures into their latest forms, all of which were introduced in Gen 4 of the main series. As these have been so hard to find, players have been left scrambling for any chance to attain one. Thankfully there are a few options, with more having just been added with PvP. Here’s how to get Sinnoh Stones in Pokemon GO.

The first way players can get a Sinnoh Stone is through research rewards. Not just any research qualifies though, in fact none of the regular research will deliver a Sinnoh Stone at this time. There’s hope that some quests will deliver in the future, but if you want to get a Sinnoh Stone you’ll have to complete your 7-day Research Reward. This initially guaranteed a Sinnoh Stone drop, but has since become random. You’ll want to be sure to complete any single research quest each day so that you maximize the number of 7-day rewards you get. Doing this should get you a Sinnoh Stone at some point, hopefully after just one or two sets.

Beyond that are the new ways, which all involve the PvP system. You have two ways to earn rewards from PvP, which always has a small chance of dropping the rare item. Playing against other players is your best bet, with the first three completed matches offering reward drops. Whether you win or lose, you will get your daily rewards for these first three matches, and each could drop a Sinnoh Stone. For more on battling other trainers, check out our guide.

The other way to get a Sinnoh Stone through PvP is to not play other real players at all. Instead you will want to battle one of the three Team Leaders every day. One battle against these guys per day will offer rewards, which again can contain a Sinnoh Stone. Maximize your chances by playing the Master level as explained in our guide here.

And that’s how to get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon GO. There’s a few options, so try them all as much as possible. Eventually you should have a large enough collection to evolve all your Gen 4 Pokemon.

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