Pokemon GO Litleo Spotlight Hour Guide: Shiny Chance, Bonuses, Tips

Can Litleo be shiny during Spotlight Hour?

by Diego Perez


Litleo Spotlight Hour is nearly here in Pokemon Go, and while there may be other events and tasks to take care of this week, you won’t want to miss this Spotlight Hour. Like all Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours, you’ll be able to find Litleo way more frequently in the wild, making this the perfect opportunity to stock up on Litleo Candy so you can obtain its evolution, Pyroar. Litleo is also a central Pokemon in the ongoing Lunar New Year event as well, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch it this week. Here’s everything you need to know about Litleo Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Litleo Spotlight Hour Schedule

As always, this week’s Spotlight Hour will take place from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time in your time zone. You’ll only have one hour to take advantage of all the bonuses and the increased Litleo spawn rate. If you miss out, you’ll have to wait until next week’s Spotlight Hour rolls around.

Can Litleo Be Shiny?

Yes, Litleo can be shiny in Pokemon Go. Shiny Litleo made its debut in the new Lunar New Year event, so it’s a brand new addition to the game. Its evolution, Pyroar, can also be shiny as well. A Spotlight Hour is the best time to catch shiny Pokemon due to the increased spawn rate, so keep an eye out for a shiny Litleo once the event starts in your region.

Litleo Spotlight Hour Bonuses

This week’s Spotlight Hour bonus is Double Evolution XP. That means you’ll get twice as much XP whenever you evolve a Pokemon. That’s not restricted to Litleo, either, so you can evolve any Pokemon in your possession to get the bonus XP reward.

How to Prepare for Litleo Spotlight Hour

Since the reward is just Double Evolution XP and not something as useful as Double Stardust or Catch XP, you don’t need to do too much preparation this week unless you really want to stock up on Litleo Candy or test your luck and see if you can find a shiny one. Here’s what you should do to prepare ahead of time.

  • Stock up on Poke Balls so you don’t run out.
  • Clear space in your Storage Box for Litleo.
  • Buy Incense to further boost spawn rates.

Those are the main things you should do to prepare for Litleo Spotlight Hour. Remember, time is limited and every second counts, so you don’t want to waste time buying Poke Balls or managing your Storage Box.

Pokemon Go is available now on mobile devices.

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