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Pokémon GO Master League – The Best Pokémon for your Team (March and April 2021)

Master League and Master League Classic tier list

by Kyle Hanson


GO Battle League Season 7 Continues its march to its epic conclusion in Pokémon GO with the debut of Master League and Master League Classic in March 2021. The return of this top tier battle arena offers players another chance to refine their teams. The tier list hasn’t changed too much since Season 6, but you’ll still want to check to be sure you’re using the very best. So here’s our Pokémon GO Master League guide with all the best Pokémon for your team in March and April 2021.

The Best Master League Pokémon for March and April 2021

Master League and Master League Classic will run from Monday, March 29th at 4pm Eastern Time until Monday, April 5th at 4pm when it changes to all leagues. Below is a chart for all of the best Pokémon to use in Master League in March 2021. Master League Classic is also offered, blocking off XL powered characters. The list doesn’t change much for this, so we’ve merged them together. You can use the chart below to choose your team for either playlist and feel confident that you’re using the best of the best.

Just pick one or two from our list that you want to build your team around. Look at their type and what they might be weak to or resist damage from and try to plug any holes with others from the list or the top of your CP list.
Note: If marked with (XL) they are better for Master League than for Master League Classic where they may be underpowered.

Pokémon Type Fast Attack Charged Attack Resists Damage from Weak to
Swampert (XL) Water and Ground Mud Shot Hydro Cannon Steel, Rock, Poison, Fire, Electric Grass
Groudon Ground Mud Shot Earthquake or Fire Punch Electric, Rock, Poison Grass, Ice, Water
Melmetal Steel Thunder Shock Superpower or Rock Slide Poison, Steel, Rock, Psychic, Normal, Ice, Grass, Flying, Fairy, Dragon, Bug Fighting, Fire, Ground
Giratina (Origin Forme) Ghost and Dragon Shadow Claw Shadow Ball Normal, Fighting, Water, Poison, Grass, Fire, Electric, Bug Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, Ice
Gyarados (XL) Water and Flying Dragon Breath or Waterfall Aqua Tail and Crunch Ground, Water, Steel, Fire, Fighting, Bug Electric, Rock
Mewtwo Psychic Psycho Cut Psystrike Psychic, Fighting Bug, Dark, Ghost
Palkia Water and Dragon Dragon Breath Aqua Tail Water, Fire, Steel Dragon, Fairy
Zekrom Dragon and Electric Dragon Breath Wild Charge Electric, Water, Steel, Grass, Flying, Fire Dragon, Fairy, Ground, Ice
Palkia Water and Dragon Dragon Breath Aqua Tail Water, Fire, Steel Dragon, Fairy
Metagross Steel and Psychic Bullet Punch Meteor Mash Psychic, Poison, Steel, Rock, Normal, Ice, Grass, Flying, Fairy, Dragon Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ground

So those are the best Pokémon for your Master League or Master League Classic teams in March and April 2021. But those won’t be the only leagues available in GBL. Be sure to check out our Great League guide if you need help there as well.

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