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Pokémon GO – The Best Master League Team (June and July 2021)

The sky is the limit.

by Dean James


The latest season for the Pokémon GO Battle League is still ongoing, with people getting a chance to try out both Great League and Ultra League so far to up their ranks. Now it’s time for some more options, this time with three to choose one. One of those is the Master League, which is the most encompassing of all the Pokémon GO Battle Leagues.

The Best Master League Team (June and July 2021)

Master League is certainly the most interesting and widespread of the trio of Great, Ultra, and Master Leagues. That is because while Great League is capped at 1500 CP and Ultra League is capped at 2500 CP, Master League has no cap at all. Of course plenty of Pokémon will max out their CP before being able to be competitive in Master League, but there are so many more Pokémon available to you overall that you can use. In fact, this is the league where you will be seeing mostly legendary Pokémon unlike the others where it’s a lot more of a rarity.

Even with so much more flexibility on CP for Pokémon in Master League, there are still certain Pokémon that are going to stand out above the rest for this league. That’s why we have broken down Pokémon into three tiers below for the latest Master League. As always, just picking the top three Pokémon isn’t always a surefire way to win, as plenty of people will be using those. That’s why it’s important to see which Pokémon are popular and pick ones that are less resistant to those Pokémon and also able to deal more damage to them.

Note: A Pokémon marked with (XL) means that you will need to power it up with Candy XL to be as strong as the ones on this list. They are usually still good choices without the XL candy, but Master League kind of changes things by making them go beyond level 40. If you want to go for a league with no XL Candy involvement, check out the Master League Classic instead.

Master League – Tier 1

Pokémon Type Fast Attack Charged Attack Resists against Weak to
Melmetal (XL) Steel Thunder Shock Superpower and Rock Slide Poison, Psychic, Rock, Steel, Normal, Grass, Ice, Fairy, Flying, Bug, Dragon Fire, Fighting, Ground
Dialga (XL) Steel and Dragon Dragon Breath Iron Head and Draco Meteor Poison, Grass, Steel, Water, Psychic, Rock, Normal, Flying, Electric, Bug Fighting, Ground
Lugia (XL) Psychic and Flying Dragon Tail Sky Attack and Aeroblast Psychic, Fighting, Ground, Grass Dark, Ghost, Electric, Ice, Rock
Yveltal (XL) Dark and Flying Snarl Dark Pulse and Focus Blast Psychic, Ground, Dark, Ghost, Grass Ice, Fairy, Electric, Rock

Master League – Tier 2

Pokémon Type Fast Attack Charged Attack Resists against Weak to
Mewtwo (XL) Psychic Psycho Cut Psystrike and Focus Blast Psychic, Fighting Dark, Ghost, Bug
Zekrom (XL) Dragon and Electric Dragon Breath Crunch and Wild Charge Electric, Water, Grass, Steel, Flying, Fire Dragon, Fairy, Ground, Ice
Ho-Oh (XL) Fire and Flying Incinerate Brave Bird and Earthquake Grass, Bug, Steel, Ground, Fighting, Fire, Fairy Rock, Electric, Water
Mamoswine (XL) Ice and Ground Powder Snow Avalanche and Bulldoze Electric, Poison Fighting, Grass, Fire, Steel, Water
Reshiram (XL) Dragon and Fire Dragon Breath Crunch and Overheat Grass, Fire, Electric, Steel, Bug Rock, Dragon, Ground
Togekiss (XL) Fairy and Flying Charm Ancient Power and Flamethrower Ground, Fighting, Bug, Dragon, Grass, Dark Electric, Ice, Rock, Poison, Steel
Landorus (Incarnate) Ground and Flying Mud Shot Rock Slide and Earth Power Ground, Poison, Electric, Fighting, Bug Ice, Water
Excadrill (XL) Ground and Steel Mud Shot Drill Run and Rock Slide Poison, Rock, Electric, Psychic, Normal, Steel, Flying, Fairy, Dragon, Bug Water, Fighting, Ground, Fire
Groudon (XL) Ground Mud Shot Earthquake and Fire Punch Electric, Rock, Poison Water, Grass, Ice

Master League – Tier 3

Pokémon Type Fast Attack Charged Attack Resists against Weak to
Snorlax (XL) Normal Lick Body Slam and Superpower Ghost Fighting
Landorus (Therian) (XL) Ground and Flying Mud Shot Superpower and Stone Edge Ground, Poison, Fighting, Electric, Bug Ice, Water
Giratina (Altered) (XL) Ghost and Dragon Shadow Claw Dragon Claw and Shadow Sneak Normal, Fighting, Poison, Grass, Water, Fire, Electric, Bug Dragon, Fairy, Dark, Ghost, Ice
Metagross (XL) Steel and Psychic Bullet Punch Meteor Mash and Earthquake Psychic, Poison, Steel, Normal, Ice, Rock, Flying, Grass, Fairy, Dragon Fire, Ground, Ghost, Dark
Zapdos (XL) Electric and Flying Thunder Shock Thunderbolt and Drill Peck Ground, Steel, Grass, Flying, Bug, Fighting Rock, Ice
Gyarados (XL) Water and Flying Dragon Breath Aqua Tail and Crunch Ground, Water, Fire, Fighting, Steel, Bug Electric, Rock
Palkia (XL) Water and Dragon Dragon Tail Aqua Tail and Dragon Meteor Water, Fire, Steel Dragon, Fairy

And that’s our list of the best Pokémon for the Pokémon GO Master League for June and July 2021.

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