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Pokémon GO Uxie Raid Guide – The Best Counters and How to Beat

The best new counters against Uxie

by Kyle Hanson


As part of a week long event, the Lake Trio has arrived once again in Pokémon GO. This Psychic type trio offer a decent challenge for trainers without proper counters, or enough players to take them on. And since they are regional, appearing only in specific areas of the world, players are often encountering them for the very first time. To help, we’ve crafted guides for each and now it’s time to take on Uxie. Here’s our Pokémon GO Uxie raid guide showing you the best counters and how to beat him.

Pokémon GO Uxie Raid Guide

During the Pokémon GO Lake Trio event, Uxie will be appearing in the Asia-Pacific region within the game. Players in the area can take on local raids for Uxie, while others outside the region will need to go through some extra hoops. Either way, once you get into an Uxie raid the fight shouldn’t be too challenging.

A team of 3-5 trainers with the right counters should win the battle pretty easily, though if you optimize with Best Friend bonuses and the top tier counters you can win with just two players. At its highest, the caught Uxie will be at 1442 CP. Windy weather will give this Psychic type Pokémon a boost, so the caught creature will jump to 1803 CP. These are perfect IV specimens, so make sure you catch them if at all possible.

While all three of the Lake Trio are similar, they have some key differences, including their moveset. Uxie can use Extrasensory or Confusion as their fast attack with Futuresight, Thunder, or Swift as their charged attack. This changes up the counters you might want to use a little bit, as to avoid taking super effective incoming damage. So, let’s break down the best counters against Uxie in Pokémon GO.

The Best Uxie Counters

Uxie is weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost type attackers, giving you quite a few options if you’ve taken part in some recent events. As usual, there are some Mega and Shadow attackers you might want to use if you have them available with the right moveset. These are excluded from the list below due to their rarity, but if you have them you will want to use Mega Gengar with Lick and Shadow Ball and Mega Houndoom with Snarl and Foul Play. Shadow versions of the below are also great, such as Tyranitar or Weavile. With that, here’s the best counters for most players…

Pokémon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Darkrai Snarl Dark Pulse
Giratina (Origin Forme) Shadow Claw Shadow Ball
Hydreigon Bite Dark Pulse
Chandelure Hex Shadow Ball
Weavile Snarl Foul Play
Tyranitar Bite Crunch

And that’s our Pokémon GO Uxie raid guide showing you the best counters and how to beat him.

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