Pokémon Legends Arceus: Uxie’s Question Answer – How Many Are Their Eyes?

Can you pass this test of knowledge?

by Marc Magrini


As players progress through the story of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, they’ll encounter trials unlike anything seen before. One of these trials is a test given by the Pokémon Uxie. True to its classification, it tests your knowledge through a simple one-question quiz. It can be tough to figure out alone, but with the right foresight and remembrance, players can easily find the answer to Uxie’s question.

How to Answer Uxie’s Question

The question itself tests your knowledge on Pokémon. Specifically, you’ll need to know how many eyes certain Pokémon have. You can ask Uxie to repeat the question, and you can even back out to give yourself time to answer – or to check your Pokédex first. You can capture every Pokémon Uxie asks about in the game, even if a few of them are more difficult to find than others. If you’re feeling particularly naughty, you can also just use the official Pokédex to search for each Pokémon yourself.

If you simply don’t have time for that, here’s the answer:

How Many Are Their Eyes?

  • Combee – 6 Eyes
  • Zubat – 0 Eyes
  • Unown – 1 Eye
  • Magneton – 3 Eyes
  • Dusclops – 1 Eye

Uxie tells you to answer “one by one, yet all at once” – in other words, players must input each number sequentially. In short, the answer is 60131. With this answer, you’ll gain Uxie’s Claw and complete its trial.

Before even attempting this question, you’ll need to face a powerful Alpha Pokémon. You should be able to capture it if you want, though it won’t be an easy task. The other members of the Lake Trio have relatively simple trials by comparison – minus the Alpha Pokémon guarding them, as well. Just keep each of their roles in mind; if Uxie wants you to show your knowledge, Mesprit and Azelf will want to see emotion and willpower, respectively.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch.

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