Pokemon Legends Arceus: What Are the Shiny Odds?

The odds are not in your favor, but there are some ways to increase them.

by Elliott Gatica


Shiny Pokemon are so highly sought out by collectors and completionists. They are so valuable and oftentimes the staples of peoples’ late-game parties. Unfortunately, the chances of encountering one are so low that it can deter people from even having that in the back of their minds. In any case, while chances are low, not all hope is lost. Here are the odds of encountering a shiny in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

What are the odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon in Legends Arceus?

Like in other games, the odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon in the wild is 1 in 4096. That’s way below 1 percent (about 0.024% chance). While that might be very offputting, you can actually increase these odds in a few ways.

If you hit Research Level 10 with a particular Pokemon, you can increase the odds of finding a shiny variant of that mon in the wild by 1. This bumps it up to a whopping 2 out of 4096 chance (0.048% chance. The odds are still low, but definitely higher.

Next, you can further increase your chance if you achieve a Perfect for a specific Pokemon’s research level. This can be obtained by hitting every research level and maxing it out, including those that aren’t indicated in red. Doing this will increase your chances of encountering that particular Pokemon up by 2, now putting you at a 4 in 4096 chance (0.097 chance).

If you go above and beyond and hit Research Level 10 for every Pokemon on the Dex, you can earn the Shiny Charm, an item that boosts your chances of encountering a shiny by 3 points.


Finally, Mass Outbreaks are a way that heavily increases your chances by 25 points. Do the math accordingly. The basis of probability always starts at 1/4096. Your formula should be:

1 + (Research 10 + Perfect Research + Shiny Charm + Mass Outbreak) / 4096

Research 10 = 1

Perfect Research = 2

Shiny Charm = 3

Mass Outbreak = 25

Only add variables that are applicable for a specific Pokemon. If you somehow managed to have everything maxed out, your maximum chance of encountering a shiny in the wild would be a 32 out of 4096 chance, giving you a 0.78% chance.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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