Pokemon Legends Arceus: Where to Catch Darkrai

The mythic Pokemon lies out in the dark, but there's more to it than just that...

by Elliott Gatica


While Darkrai cannot be caught through legitimate means in the Diamond and Pearl remakes of last year, the mythical Pokemon can be caught in Pokemon Legends Arceus (PLA). It’s a bit of a surprise that the nightmare Pokemon exists in a game that takes place way before the Sinnoh region even existed! Anyhow, here is what you’ll need to know on where to catch Darkrai in Pokemon Legends: Arceus (PLA).

Where to catch Darkrai in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Darkrai can be caught in the postgame. Like many legendary and mythical Pokemon in mainline games, this one cannot be seen once you’ve beaten the game once. You will also need saved data from Pokemon Shining Pearl or Brilliant Diamond on your Nintendo Switch system. This part works similarly to getting Jirachi and Mew in the Gen 4 remakes.

Once in the endgame of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, head on over to Professor Laventon’s blackboard. There should be a quest called The Darksome Nightmare. It’s labeled as Request 93 in your Missions and Requests tab.


In it, you’ll have to learn more from Cael of the Pearl Clan about the “terrifying Pokemon” he saw and find its location for surveying.

The mythical Pokemon is said to appear at the Clamberclaw Cliffs at night. If you head to that location at any time of the day when it isn’t night, you will get a message that reflects that you see no sign of it there. You should just rest and set your wake-up time to the “Until nightfall” option.

Make your way to the said location at the proper time of day and you should trigger a cutscene. Darkrai will come out of the dark and attack you. Be careful and be quick with movement, it does tend to teleport spontaneously all around you. Upon triggering the next battle phase, prepare for a tough Pokemon battle.


This mythic Pokemon will be at level 70. Since it’s a dark-type, it’s weak to fighting, bug, and fairy-type moves. Be careful not to take it down, though. Upon catching Darkrai, the mission will be complete, and no one else “will fall victim to such dark nightmares…” according to Cael.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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