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Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: Where to Find Pikachu

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Sun and Moon are full of cool, new Pokemon for players to find and catch, but we all know which one everyone wants. Pikachu, the face of the franchise, is available in the Alola region, and with a new twist. Alolan Raichu will likely be a major part of everyone’s team, but to get him you need to find a Pikachu. So here’s our guide on where to find Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Actually, that’s a bit incorrect. You can find Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but it is far easier to find his pre-evolved form of Pichu. You can even do it very early in the game, making it so you can level him up and evolve him early on. Just click here to see how to evolve Pichu once you find him, using the steps below.

Pichu, your future-Pikachu, can be found on the very first island you start on in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Play through the opening for a while, if you haven’t already. On Route 1, right outside of Iki Town, the area where you chose your starter and had your first battle with Hau, is a patch of grass. It’s to the left of the stairs that lead into the town. Pichu spawn here in fairly decent numbers, so just keep wandering through the tall grass, waiting for one to appear.

As I said, once you catch Pichu, you just need to evolve him into Pikachu using the link from above. It’s a somewhat long process, but not too difficult, if you know what you’re doing, so just follow those steps. Eventually you’ll have your Pikachu, which you can decide if you want to evolve into Alolan Raichu using a Thunder Stone.

That’s it for where to find Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Moon. A bit unorthodox, sure, but hopefully you find it as easy as other players. If you feel like your method is better be sure to share it in the comments below.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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