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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How and Where to Catch Noibat

Catch the elusive Noibat in Sword and Shield

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon has always been about catching all the characters you can. While Sword and Shield may limit that in a way, it still has a lot of old favorites mixed among the new entries. Noibat has always been one of those characters that players want to get, and this time he’s just as hard to find. We’re here to help though, so keep reading to find out how and where to catch Noibat in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How and Where to Catch Noibat

As you can see, there’s two aspects to this question. Noibat is a rare spawn in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so to catch him you need to first know where to find him. The answer is the Galar Mine No. 2 location. Head there when you’re ready to capture your very own Noibat, but keep in mind that it is a rare spawn. Appearing only about once for every ten spawns, you’ll need to wander around the area quite a bit before one even appears. When they do, that’s when the next part of the question comes into play. Here’s how to catch Noibat in Sword and Shield.

Noibat is easily scared, so you can’t let him see you. When a Noibat spawns you need to be very careful and slow. Don’t run straight at it letting it see you and flee. Sneak up on it if possible, and rush in if necessary. Get to him without being seen and you’ll enter combat. From here it’s all the same as other battles, so check out how to catch Pokemon if you need tips. Just follow that guide and soon you’ll have your very own Noibat in your Pokedex.

And that’s all there is to know about how and where to catch Noibat in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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