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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Beat Gigantamax Coalossal

The best Gigantamax Coalossal counters

by Kyle Hanson


Starting with an update today, Gigantamax Coalossal will be appearing more often in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This guy has been around for awhile, but few trainers ever encountered or caught him. That should change over the coming days as he becomes more common and trainers figure out how to beat him. To help that process we’re going to break down all the tricks. Here’s how to beat Gigantamax Coalossal in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Get Gigantamax Coalossal

But first, to beat him you have to encounter him. There’s been some tricks in the past as to how to encounter specific Gigantamax Pokemon in Sword and Shield. So far no trick has been found to trigger these raids, but there are ways youc an maximize the number you take on. We’ve shown you how to get the game to refresh your stamps (sometimes), which will be the major way you find Gigantamax Coalossal raids. After that you just have to focus on clearing out your own raid dens to force a refresh in your Wild Area. Beat them all then head into the Menu and Mystery Gift then Get the Wild Area News to force a refresh. More will spawn, with the potential of some to be Gigantamax Coalossal.

How to Beat Gigantamax Coalossal

Once you run into him the real battle begins, literally. Thankfully there are some key weaknesses you can use to beat Gigantamax Coalossal in Pokemon Sword and Shield. As he is both Rock and Fire type you might immediately see where his weaknesses lie. Sure, Fighting and Rock will do double damage, but there’s potential for more. Water and Ground do 4x damage and can easily be used as counters.

Tyranitar, Gyarados, Milotic, Rhyperior, or a freshly caugh Gigantamax Lapras should do the trick, depending on the moveset you’ve given them. Focus on Ground or Water attacks and you’ll deal tons of 4x effective damage. And if you don’t have any of those but have finished the game you can always fall back on Eternatus with his Dynamax Cannon attack. The shields will always get in the way, but with a full team of trainers that shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

And that’s how to beat Gigantamax Coalossal in Pokemon Sword and Shield, along with some tips for how to get him to appear in raids.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2020

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