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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Check IVs

Get the very best Pokemon by checking IVs

by Kyle Hanson


Once you learn the basics of the game and begin to dive into the deeper aspects of the Pokemon series, IVs become a significant part of the experience. While catching every creature you can is the goal of most players, once you learn about IVs it is all about getting the very best. These hidden figures are what determines if your specific character is better or worse than the opponent’s, if they’re the same species and level. So with them being so important, fans are surely asking how to check IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Check IVs

In past games it was very difficult to check IVs. In fact, you typically had to speak to a specific NPC who would give you some idea of how good your Pokemon’s IVs were. With recent games though, you’re actually given the ability to do this yourself, and with a ton of granularity. But you have to unlock it first. And that means basically finishing the game, unfortunately.

The Battle Tower is the key, which basically serves as part of the endgame for Sword and Shield. This gauntlet of Pokemon battles will test your team and skills. Once you reach the top level you’ll be challenged by Leon. Defeat him and you will unlock the Judge function within your Pokemon box. Once you accomplish this just open the box and go to the character you want to check IVs for. Press Plus to see their stats displayed on the right side. If they say Best they are perfect, Good is below that, with Decent and Poor basically not being worth breeding or other consideration.

And that’s not only how to unlock but also how to check IVs in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Basically you should play through the campaign without worrying about it and start focusing on IVs once you get to the endgame with the Battle Tower.

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