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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Evolve Chewtle Into Drednaw

Features a rare dual typing.

by Dean James


It can often times be difficult to find a solid Water Pokemon early on in a game if you forgo picking the Water starter, so it was nice to see just that in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Fairly early into your adventure, you should run across the goofy yet adorable looking Chewtle. Chewtle may seem small, but he grows up to be a real force in his one and only evolution. This guide will detail just how you can get Chewtle to evolve in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How To Evolve Chewtle Into Drednaw

Chewtle is classified as the Snapping Pokemon, as he is a small turtle with a Water typing. Chewtle actually doesn’t learn any other Water moves besides Water Gun, but getting it to evolve can make it into a real beast.

Evolving Chewtle is not very difficult in Pokemon Sword and Shield, as you only have to raise it to a certain level and it will evolve. Once Chewtle reaches level 22, it will start to evolve and become the giant turtle Drednaw.


Not only do you get a brand new Pokemon at this level, but Drednaw also gains an additional typing after evolving. In addition to the Water typing as before, Drednaw is also a Rock type as well. As a result, Drednaw is prompted to learn Rock Tomb upon evolution. This is always a good move to have, so it’s wise to go ahead and learn it.

The Water/Rock typing is something you don’t see too often in the series, so it’s definitely one worth having in your party in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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