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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Get BP

What is BP and what you can buy

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Sword and Shield takes a lot of liberties with the franchise. Dynamaxing, the Wild Area, and many other aspects have been totally reworked or created out of whole cloth. But it’s still a Pokemon game at its core, which means there’s a lot of things carried over from previous titles. The Battle Tower is one of these, with the usual gauntlet of trainers to take on. The reward is the same too, but many players aren’t sure how it all works. Here’s how to get BP in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But first we should explain what is BP.

What is BP

Pokemon Sword and Shield feature a lot of different kinds of currencies. There’s the basic Poke dollars, and the newly introduced watts (see how to get watts here). But possibly more important than them all are BP, or Battle Points, which is the currency you receive for participating in the Battle Tower. If you’re wondering what the Battle Tower is then you likely can’t access it yet. It will be added to the game following completion of the main storyline, so get through that and this will all start to make more sense. Basically it’s a giant tower you ascend, battling Pokemon trainers along the way. Each win earns you more BP which can be spent on very useful items such as Rare Candy or Bottle Caps. So, now that you know what they are and what they do, here’s how to get BP.

How to Get BP

The answer is simple: win Battle Tower matches. Each victory will yield some BP that you can spend in the Battle Tower shop. Win enough and you’ll gain in ranks which means you’ll start earning even more BP per battle. The more you fight, the more you earn, the more you can buy. It’s that simple. While every currency in the game is important, the items you can buy with BP really do change the postgame experience quite a lot. You’ll want to get here and start winning matches as quickly as possible, so be sure to get to it. But that’s how to get BP in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so good luck out there.

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