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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Get Lucario

Head to the wild area to find Lucario in the North Lake Miloch section.

by William Schwartz


Lucario is another of the famous Pokemon that you’ll find in Pokemon Sword and Shield.  Like our previous guide on getting Snorlax, getting Lucario is going to be similar in nature.  Lucario is another high level rare Pokemon that’ll take a little bit of work to be able to catch and add to your collection.

Lucario is going to be found in the Wild Area south of Motostoke.  More precisely, you’ll find him at the North Lake Miloch area within the Wild Area.  We found him spawn in at the southern most part of this area on a cliff right next to one of the glowing pink dens.

Like other strong Pokemon in this area, you’ll need to have a few gyms under your belt before you’ll be able to survive a fight and capture Lucario.  Lucario is a level-36 Pokemon and you’ll like need to use some special Pokemon catching techniques to get him.

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