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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Get Snorlax

Snorlax can actually be found out in the wild.

by William Schwartz


Snorlax is one of the most recognizable Pokemon and it’s made its way to Pokemon Sword and Shield if you know where to look.  If you’re looking to get Snorlax to add to your collection in Pokemon Sword or Shield follow this guide to find the famous sleepy Pokemon.

Snorlax can be found in the first Wild Area, but you’ll need to do some grinding to catch him

Snorlax can be found roaming the Wild Area outside of Motospoke.  We found him just at the edge of the bridge in the Motostoke Riverbank.

Snorlax isn’t going to be an easy catch though.  Snorlax is a level 36 Pokemon and to be able to catch him you will need to have a few gym badges under your belt and you still might have a hard time.  Using specific balls or attacks that cause Paralysis or Sleep can be helpful in trying to catch this powerful rare Pokemon Snorlax.

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