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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How To Get Surf

Always one of the best water moves to have.

by Dean James


There are a lot of different moves that have been around over the years in Pokemon, with new ones being added in each generation. Some of the moves have managed to stick around since the very beginning, even if they are handled differently now. One of the best Water type moves has always been Surf back when it was an HM before moving to being a TM in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon Sword and Shield take a similar approach with Surf and this guide will detail just how you can get it.

How To Get Surf

When Surf was introduced in Gen I as an HM, it was not only used as a strong Water attack, but also as your method of swimming across bodies of water. That all changed starting in Sun and Moon with the removal of HMs, so now Surf is only a TM.

While not an HM anymore, Surf is still every bit as powerful a move that any Water type Pokemon should have in their arsenal. Surprisingly, you can actually get Surf pretty early on in Pokemon Sword and Shield as soon as you reach the Wild Area.

The first time you reach the Wild Area, your goal is to make it to the exit on the other side that you can see straight ahead, so navigate around the water and eventually you’l make it there. Just outside of this staircase, you’l see two people to the left, one in yellow and one in black and white. You want to speak with the one on the left in black and white, who will have some interesting items for sale.

This seller uses Watts as currency, which are acquired through various means in the Wild Area. In his store, he has a number of items, mostly consisting of TMs, for sale. The last one on the list is the one we want here though, as you can get Surf for 5,000 Watts. This is a hefty number early on, so you need to start exploring in the Wild Area and early enough to pick up this fantastic TM.

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