Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor – How To Get More Max Mushrooms

You get a Gigantamax, you get a Gigantamax.

by Dean James
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Like each subsequent generation, Pokemon Sword and Shield introduced brand new mechanics never seen in the franchise to this point. The big evolution addition this time around was that of Dynamax and Gigantamax, with the latter actually bringing completely different forms for certain Pokemon in the game. Just getting a Pokemon in the wild that has Gigantamax potential does not mean you have access to that form though, but now there is a way through new items known as Max Mushrooms. You will get three as part of the main quest for Isle of Armor, but this guide will focus on how you can get more after the fact.

How To Get More Max Mushrooms

To start, you must have the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor expansion to be able to even do this. You cannot get the Max Mushrooms in the regular part of the game, so don’t even bother trying to find them.

After you start the Isle of Armor, you will eventually come across Dojo Master Mustard and get a series of trials for you to complete. One of these trials is to find three Max Mushrooms across the Isle of Armor map. After finding them and making it back to the Master Dojo, these can be turned into Max Soup to unlock the Gigantamax form for certain Pokemon you have.

This will leave you wondering if you can get more Max Mushrooms, which you actually can in the game. These mushrooms won’t just be found in the same spot at the prior three, but in different areas of the map.

To trigger the spawning of more Max Mushrooms in the Isle of Armor area, you must go around and do Max Raid Battles found on the map. This isn’t guarantee to spawn more Max Mushrooms, but it’s a good idea to keep taking them on and then checking the map. Just remember that these Max Mushrooms can be seen as you’re walking around rather than as a glowing item, so keep a close eye out for them.