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Pokemon Sword and Shield – Where to Buy TMs

How to get more TMs

by Kyle Hanson


While catching them all is the stated goal of Pokemon Sword and Shield, there’s no point in having an elite team of Pokemon if they don’t have the right moves. You can have the strongest Charizard in the world, but if all he has at his disposal is Struggle and Splash, he won’t be doing much in battle. While most creatures will learn great moves as they grow in levels, sometimes you need to force things a little bit. That’s where TMs come in. And while you’ll find a lot of these scattered around the world, there’s also a couple of key locations to be aware of. Here’s where to buy TMs in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

What are TMs

Before we explain that, let’s explain what are TMs or technical machines in Pokemon Sword and Shield. They’ve been in the series for a long time, though new players may wonder why they’re so important. In essence, TMs teach a compatible Pokemon a new move, often replacing an old one in their lineup. They can be reused, so feel free to teach and reteach to your heart content. But to do that you need to have them, so let’s explain where to get TMs.

Where to Buy TMs

The majority of the TMs you find throughout your time in Sword and Shield will come from random NPCs. Chat with everyone you can to insure you get all the TMs you can. We won’t break down all of these locations in this guide, as there’s too many and some are still being found. There are two spots we want to highlight though, as they’re the best places to buy TMs in Sword and Shield.

The first is the Pokemon Center in Motostoke. This massive industrial town is one of the first spots where you can buy TMs. Head inside the Pokemon Center and head to the counter on the right. Instead of the usual one salesman, there will be two. The one on the right will offer a wide selection of TMs to choose from. But there’s still one more spot you’ll want to know about if you’re looking to buy TMs.

The Battle Tower is a post game feature found in Wyndon, offering accomplished Champions a chance to battle extremely strong trainers. As you do you will earn BP which can then be spent at a nearby shop to buy TMs. This isn’t in the standard BP shop, but instead a separate one to the far right. Speak to the woman standing there and you’ll find a lot of moves you may want.

And that’s where to buy TMs in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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