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Pokémon Unite: Sept. 8 Patch Notes

by Elliott Gatica



On September 8, 2021, Pokémon Unite received a small update addressing things like bugs, text updates, and some store updates. There are also balance changes for just one Pokémon. Luckily there are no nerfs to others, though some are probably overdue for Pokémon like Cinderace and Wigglytuff. There still hasn’t been any mention of the Zapdos mechanic, griefers, or anything regarding the pay-to-win aspects of the game.

It’s a standard type of update that usually doesn’t require downtime. You may need to restart your game to apply these updates. These are the changes in the latest patch.

Pokémon Unite Patch Notes (Sept. 8)


The following stats have been increased:

  • Sp. Def


  • Removes all status conditions from the user and the designated ally Pokémon and grants both Pokémon a shield. While these shields are active, the shielded Pokémon become immune to hindrances.
  • Cooldown reduced.
  • Area of effect increased.


  • Upgrade: Increases the amount of damage nullified by the shield effect.



It did seem that Blissey was just a bit under tuned and was still overshadowed by her healer and tank counterparts like Eldegoss and Snorlax. At least and hopefully with this update, she’ll be a bit more useful to even out the meta.

You can check out our Blissey build in Pokémon Unite by clicking here. Additionally, you can check out more Pokémon Unite news and guides by following our website. To also learn more about upcoming news about the game like patch notes and even costumes, you can follow their Twitter here.

Pokémon Unite is out now for free on the Nintendo Switch, with a planned release to Android and iOS on September 22. There is still time to pre-register so you can get in on the action day one. You can find them on your respective platforms’ stores.

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