PSA: High on Life is Missing an Important Feature

Well, this was unexpected...

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

We wanted to put out a PSA about how High on Life is missing an important feature that could change your decision to purchase the game. Players worldwide discovered this missing feature and are flooding the forum boards about it. Some players have been able to refund the game, while others have not due to restrictions behind refund eligibility, so we wanted to make you aware as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you have already purchased the game, you may have unknowingly found the missing feature if you keep being sent to the Buck Thunder II Xenoslaughter screen. Why does that keep happening, though? Here is everything you need to know about how High on Life is missing an important feature.

PSA: High on Life is Missing an Important Feature


High on Life is missing the Cloud Save feature, which means you cannot play High on Life on another device with your current save file without manually transferring it between devices. This is extremely frustrating because the High on Life Steam page said the game featured Cloud Saving.

However, if you look at the Steam page now, it has been removed. Players reported that it was showing on the Steam page when they purchased it before 12/15/2022 when the developers removed it. This means that they either didn’t mean for it to be Cloud Save eligible, or there is an issue with Cloud Saving that the developers are trying to fix.

This is huge because players who start their game on their Steam Deck and hope to move to their desktop won’t be able to without manually transferring over their save file. The same goes from PC to Steam Deck or PC to PC. While manually transferring your save file will work, swapping between devices whenever you want can become very tedious. In addition, the Steam Deck uses SteamOS, which handles its file and data storage differently than a PC, so finding your save file location will take more work than usual.

Where Does High on Life Store its Save File?

We want to provide our obligatory PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK if you manually transfer your save files from one device to another. If you have never done it before, please before careful, as we would hate to see you lose your save file and have to start over anyways. Here is the save file location for High on Life on windows devices and the Steam Deck.

Windows Save File Location

C: -> Users -> Your Username -> AppData -> Local -> Oregon -> Saved -> SaveGames

Steam Deck Save File Location

Home -> .steam -> steam -> steamapps -> compatdata -> 1583230 -> pfx -> drive_c -> users ->steamuser -> AppData -> local -> oregon -> saved -> Save Games

You will know you transferred your save file correctly because you will be sent to the High on Life home screen instead of the Buck Thunder II Xenoslaughter screen, which is how the game starts on a new save file.

High on Life is available now on PC and Xbox on Game Pass.

- This article was updated on December 15th, 2022