Psychonauts 2 – How to Use Smelling Salts

How to exit brains

by Kyle Hanson

You’ll enter a lot of brains in Psychonauts 2 but sometimes you want to get out, which is where smelling salts come in. These handy little items let you jump right back out of whatever brain/level you’re in. But while these are introduced early on, you don’t really get an explanation of how to use them. To help, here’s how to use smelling salts in Psychonauts 2.

How to Use Smelling Salts in Psychonauts 2

Smelling Salts make a return from the first Psychonauts game where they served the same purpose: getting Raz out of whatever brain he jumped into. This can be handy when you are replaying levels or if you get stuck and need to take a break from that stage. But while they are handed to you and quickly explained, the actual method for how to use them isn’t laid out by the game.

It’s simple though, really. To use smelling salts in Psychonauts 2 all you have to do is enter the menu using Options, Menu, or Escape then select Exit Brain. Raz will pull out the Smelling Salts, snap them open and inhale. You’ll then swiftly be removed from the person’s brain, thus exiting the level and reentering the real world. You’ll return to wherever you were before, and can always go back in, though some progress may be lost if you use it at a bad time.

This smelling salts mechanic allows for more freedom as you explore the somewhat open world of Psychonauts 2. The story progresses somewhat linearly, but you have side quests and other activities you can partake in as the story unfolds. So being able to enter and exit levels helps keep you from getting stuck for too long.

So that’s how to use smelling salts in Psychonauts 2, now get out there and start adventuring.