Raft Machete Blueprint: How to Craft a Machete in Raft

Crafting the Machete!

by Gordon Bicker


Raft has a ton of tools that you will be learning how to utilize effectively. There are also a lot of weapons available to defend yourself with so while you are building your home/raft on the water you will want to make sure you have prepared the items you have to in order to make exploration much easier for you. There are many blueprints to collect and you will certainly need to gather a lot of crafting materials along the way. This guide article will take you through the full process of how to craft a Machete in Raft.

Crafting a Machete in Raft

In order to craft the Machete in Raft, you will have to first acquire the blueprint for the weapon. This blueprint can be found on the ‘Balboa Island’ and specifically within the ‘Mama Bear’s Cave’. There will be a sort of toolbox that will have the Machete blueprint within it. When you have the blueprint, take it back to your research table and use it, afterward you will now be able to craft the Machete from now on in the experience whenever you’d like to.

The Machete can be crafted by having the following crafting materials. You will need two ‘Rope’, three pieces of ‘Scrap’, Two Bolts, and Two Metal Ingots. When you have all of those crafting materials, you will be able to craft the Machete. It should be noted that the Machete does a lot of damage so you absolutely should be working towards getting this if you are planning to go on big adventures of exploration and need something to attack with effectively.

It’s now the time to gather the materials you need and utilize the Machete in Raft to survive to the best of your abilities!

Raft is available now and playable for PC.

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