Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Fix Server Connection Error

The only thing keeping you from saving the world is a simple server.

by J.T. Isenhour


Rainbow Six Extraction is not immune to the problems of its predecessor. Problems like server connection issues seem to be popping up again for many players. As Rainbow Six Extraction players are working to level up their operators by completing missions like Hunt. They are being met with server connection errors and can’t even log into the game to play solo. These server connection issues among other errors are not new for players of the Rainbow Six franchise. In this guide, we will go over what you can do to fix a server connection error and get back into the game.

How to Fix Server Connection Error in Rainbow Six Extraction

Check The Server Status

Anytime you run into connectivity issues with any multiplayer game, this should be your first response. A quick google of “Rainbow Six Extraction server-status” will bring up whichever site you need to visit to view the status of the game. Normally Down Detector will be the first or second link and can show you if other players are experiencing similar issues.

Restart Rainbow Six Extraction and/or Ubisoft Connect

Again, this is another simple troubleshooting step that you should always run through before trying any more drastic and time-consuming fixes.

Verify Integrity of the Game Files

This is a PC-only troubleshooting step, but here is how you go about it on PC.

  • Go to the Games tab.
  • Select Rainbow Six Extraction.
  • Select Properties on the left-hand side of the game overview.
  • Under Local files, choose Verify files.


Check Your Device’s Connection

If your error is a DELTA-00001007 error, it means your game couldn’t connect to the servers. This can occur if your console/pc is having network issues. Making sure you are not having a network problem on your end can save you the hassle of dealing with customer support. Here is how you can check your network on any platform.


  • Open the Settings menu from the home screen
  • Select Network
  • Then choose Test Internet Connection and wait until it finishes


  • Open the guide menu by pressing the Xbox button
  • Select Profile & system
  • Go to Settings, General
  • Open Network settings
  • Pick the Test network connection option and allow it to run


  • Open the Start menu
  • Select Settings, go to Network & Internet
  • Choose Status

Restart Your Modem or Router

Even if your internet seems to be working fine a simple reset of your modem/router is a simple troubleshooting step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Sometimes all that you need to fix your issue is to simply unplug and plug back in your router/modem.

Make Sure Antivirus or Firewall is Not Blocking the Game

This is a PC-only fix, sometimes your firewall can block the connection of games for no reason. Just add the Rainbow Six Extraction executable as an exception to your firewall. That should allow the game to connect to the servers just fine if your firewall was blocking it.


Change Your DNS Address

Sometimes DNS servers will randomly go down or block connections to servers without alerting you. Try changing your DNS server to more common ones like Google or Cloudflare’s DNS server and see if you can connect to Rainbow Six Extraction servers.

Hopefully, after following these steps, you should be able to connect to the servers. If you are still having server connection issues, try reaching out to customers support. The issue may be something the game needs to be updated to fix. If you need any more help with Rainbow Six Extraction make sure to check out our other guides.

Rainbow Six Extraction is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC.

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